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Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Cheats :

This page contains Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos cheats list for PC version. Now we have 8 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 3 passwords, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Password - Good and effective cheats

by rockred8 Jan 13, 2009

press enter when trying to do any cheats then type in a code of the following choice

allyourbasearebelongtousinstant win
iseedeadpeopleclears all the fog from the mini-map
whosyourdaddyinvincibility mode
ihavethepowermake all your unit and you level 10
keysersoze ( then a number )gives you however a amount of your choice of gold
leafittome (then a number )gives you however a amount of your choice of lumber
motherland ( race ) ( level )makes you whatever race you want to be ( with spaces for this one )
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Secret - Human: find the thing thing

by whaku4 Apr 22, 2008

well i don know wats the map but its the one wer u defend ur base and u start with arthas in his base if u will know u find a house with heath bar on it! only one house tat is... u chop it down and thers a barrel ther u destroy the barrel and thers a sheep kill it and it drops a somthing i don remeber.. ^^ GL finding the map!

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Cheats - Animal kill

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

While playing a game, press [Enter] to display the two player message box, type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, the message "Cheat enabled" will appear.
Cheat Code
Invincibility and one-hit kills whosyourdaddy
Infinite mana thereisnospoon
Continue playing after losingin campaign mode strengthandhonor
Full map iseedeadpeople
Instant victory allyourbasearebelongtous
Instant defeat somebodysetusupthebomb
Your and allies heroes arelevel 10 ihavethepower
Remove spell cool down thedudeabides
Disable victory conditions itvexesme
Gold; 500 is default keysersoze [number]
Lumber; 500 is default leafittome [number]
Gold and lumber; 500 is default greedisgood [number]
Fast construction warpten
Fast death iocainepowder
Food pointbreak
Fast research whoisjohngalt
Upgrades sharpandshiny
Tech tree unlocked synergy
Set time to morning riseandshine
Set time to evening lightsout
Set time of day daylightsavings [hour]
Toggle daylight progression daylightsavings
Trees disappear abrakadabra
Level select [Note] motherland [race] [level]
Note: Example: "motherland human 7". Intermission sequences are counted in the level number.
-Some codes from: kambriel@speakeasy.net

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Secret - Use the hydralisk from Starcraft II

by Ibeatthegameguy Aug 04, 2009

During level 2 of the Night Elf campaign, at about the middle, you must knock down the trees above you. If you are at the right spot and you walk up, a hydralisk will be there and it will join you. Then you can attack the enemies in the clearing to the bottom-right of you.
Notify me if you cannot find it.

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Password - CHEATS HEHEHEHE!!!!

by LoveGuru1 Jul 09, 2008

whosyourdaddy invinsibility
best one i reccomend

allyourbasesbelongtousautomatic victory
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Code - Cheats cheats cheats

by Lucario_136 Nov 15, 2007

press the enter key then type ro disable them write them again

allyourbasearebelongtousInstant victory
iseedeadpeoplethe fog gets removed
pointbreakthere is no food needed
warptenbuilds/creates fast really fast!
whosyourdaddyall your units cant die
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Cheats - Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos cheats

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Animal kill
Keep clicking the mouse over the animals and they will eventually explode.
Note: The explosion will not hurt anyone else.
Warcraft 3:
Reign Of Chaos Cheats.
Platform: PC / Windows. Type: Cheat Codes / Hints / Tips. Cheat ID: 22709.
Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Cheats added on Oct 1, 2002.
Easy zoom
You can zoom in to a 3D actual view of the world by scrolling up with your center mouse wheel, then scrolling down to go back to a top view.
Warcraft 3:
Reign Of Chaos Cheats.
Platform: PC / Windows. Type: Cheat Codes / Hints / Tips. Cheat ID: 22712.
Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Cheats added on Oct 1, 2002.
Ending bonus
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to see a 20 second clip of StarCraft 2 running under the WarCraft 3 engine after the credits.
Note: This movie is in-game, after they play "football" during the ending credits.
Additionally, when you click on "Credits" in the main menu, it will detect and display whether if you have completed WarCraft 3 on normal and hard modes. If you have completed the game under the hard difficulty setting, after all the credits there will be another sequence featuring StarCraft 2 Hydralisks attacking the roaming WarCraft 3 characters.
Warcraft 3:
Reign Of Chaos Cheats.
Platform: PC / Windows. Type: Cheat Codes / Hints / Tips. Cheat ID: 22708.
Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Cheats added on Oct 1, 2002.
Hint: The largest Panda ever
Night Elves - Chapter 5, Brothers in Blood, start by using the iseedeadpeople cheat. Take Furion near the upper right corner. You will find an ice cave with a huge white bear inside.
Use the Force Of Nature spell to lay waste to the mushrooms. When you enter, it will play a small movie. The bear inside is named The Largest Panda Ever! Be careful, he is immune to magic. I just used the forces of nature spell and let my trees kill him. After you kill him, you get his Necklace Spell of Immunity, which makes you immune to any spell.
Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Cheats. Platform: PC / Windows. Type: Cheat Codes / Hints / Tips. Cheat ID: 45751.
Warcraft 3: Reign Of Chaos Cheats added on Feb 27, 2003.
Hydralisk Unit from StarCraft
When playing as Night Elves on the Daughters Of The Moon mission, just before the Undead base near the last door to the Night Elves base, you will get tree Ballista. Use the Ballista to hit the trees to the north and you will find a powerful Hydralisk (level 7) that will join you against the Undead base. If you... 

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Cheats - 500 Gold and Lumber

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Type the following cheat in the chat box (hit enter) in single player mode to activate Unlimited Mana:


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Cheats - Ending bonus

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Play Chapter 1 of the Human campaign. Take Arthas to the graveyard toward the east part of the map at night. Villagers and sheep that you killed will reappear.

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Secret - Potion of ressurection (well i think its called potion of ressurection)

by swat5600 May 31, 2010

On Human campaing, chapter five: March of the scourge,There is a house on the bottom right corner of Hearthglen and when you put your mouse on it, it says hearhglen building, destroy it and a sheep will appear then kill the sheep and it will drop a potion that restores the Heroes health and mana to Full. Thanks whaku4 for letting me know about it.

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Secret - How to become a Chaos Orc

by swat5600 May 31, 2010

On orc campaign: the hunter of Shadows. normally if you type whoisjohngalt its fast research but on this chapter, if you type whoisjohngalt then you become a chaos orc, you get red skin and your shaman turns to a warlock.
(only orcs turn red skin, trolls stay blue skin)
(only works on orc campaign:the hunter of shadows)

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Password - Instant Victory

by DragonSlyer Dec 04, 2008

Press enter while doing a mission. After you typed the cheat press enter again.

thereisnocowlevelInstant Win
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Cheats - Cheat mode

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

In the final Night Elf mission, enable the whosyourdaddy
code then go down into the Undead base with any unit. Kill Archimonde
in one hit. Then, destroy Jaina's and Thrall's bases. In the sequences
where it shows Archimonde talking to Jaina and Thrall, Archimonde
will be gone but you can hear his voice and see the green circle
around him.

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