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oct 12, 2009Webkinz [ PC ]   Submitted

For the Clothes Machine Know any combos?

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Secret - Clothing combos:

Here are some clothing machine combos I know. You might not have the taste for some of these.

Kimono: Chalk Flower Top, Bright Green Swim Trunks, Smocked Sun dress

Bright Spies Trench Coat: Cowboy Hat, Dark Shades, Wing Tip Shoes

Glass Slippers: Ruby Red Shoes, Princess Hat, Pink Glasses

Superstar Shirt: Purple Mod Hat, White Hollywood Shades, Funky Flower Pants

Beautiful Blue Ballgown: Powdered Blue Skirt, Blue Bow, Ballerina Top

That's It. Check out Raven's Clothing Recipies Q&A Thread for more.

Note: Some of these I did not test, the ones I didn't do my friend did.