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Wizard 101 Cheats :

This page contains Wizard 101 cheats list for PC version. Now we have 82 cheats in our list, which includes 40 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 15 glitches, 23 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Wizard 101 on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Hunter344

by hunter44 Jul 11, 2012

for fun and to get a free house and crowns

so do it please vote my cheat and ill give you 9999 crowns in the game from hunter earth rider

port to a friendnothing
port to housenothing
port to a friend at a house or ask some one if there no onenothing
go to life tower then the fire towernothing
there you have 9999 crowns and 1/3 houseswhat i said over there
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Code - Add damage to your spell lessen the damage done to you

by multicheater Aug 31, 2009

When defeating a something(most effective on bosses), press either Shift or Ctrl(it doesn't matter) then the up arrow key to increase the damage done on your opponent. Press either Ctrl or Shift and the down arrow key to lessen tha damage on you. Press the shift/Ctrl keys when the opponent is making the symbol. Press the arrow key when the spell is just about to hit you.

Shift/Ctrl+ up arrow keysincrease damage
Shift/Ctrl+down arrow keysdecrease damage
Shift+Ctrl+upuse on bosses
Shift+Ctrl+downuse on yourself when attacked by a powerful spell
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Code - Pets And locations

by ochuko14 Sep 06, 2010

these are pets i get from boss drops

1) Inferno Cat: Krokohammen Throne room of fireFire Cat Card
2) Fang Bat: Crypt Scavenger Djeserit Family TombBlood Bat Card
3) Ghoul: Prince Sutan Sokkwi Emperors RetreatNo Effect
4) Blue Ghost: General Akilles Cyclops LaneNo Effect
5) Blue Banshee And Midnight Sprite: Nightshade StormDrain TowerNo Effect
6) Snow Serpent: Prince Gobblestone Colossus BoulevardNo Effect
7) Myth Sprite: Sergeant SkullSplitterNo Effect
8) Minotaur: Tree Of Life Hidden BossMinotaur Card
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Glitch - Weird Teleporting Glitch

by dumbwizard Jun 02, 2009

You might think this glitch is lag but it is not. I know this because all of my friends also had this glitch.

You go to the ravenwood tunnel. Once you are inside ravenwood stop moving. Take a look at the ground in front of you. It shows a circle with all the elements of magic in it except balance. Keep walking over the ice picture. You will reach there and then teleport back and then reach there again and then teleport back again. It's like a barrier is blocking you and it will teleport you back five steps if you touch it.

IMPORTANT: Once you use this glitch and then you log out, if you log back in, it doesn't work anymore. That means it's a one time use.

Something to remember: I bet this glitch wasn't very helpful in game playing but atleast now you know. It was not meant to make your character better or cooler. It's just something you do for fun. Keep this in mind if you are rating my glitch.

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Unlockable - Colossus Boulevard Hint

by Imanoid Jun 14, 2010

You need to beat the main boss of Firecat Alley, Triton Avenue, and Cyclopes Lane to get the letter to go in Colossus Boulevard...

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Code - How to make 1 Day and 7 Day Mounts Permanent

by WolfWizard Jul 04, 2011

First off please understand that this is technically just a glitch in the scripting of the mounts. They rely on timers which are syncronized with your computer's clock rather than with the game's internal clock.

So how do you make the mounts permanent? It's easy! Just buy which ever mount you want. It doesn't matter if they are 1 day mounts or 7 day mounts. Just buy one you like. If you get a 1 day mount simply exit to the character selection screne then right click on your computer's clock (should be down in the right hand corner of your desktop). Select Adjust Time/Date and roll the days ahead by 2. If you choose a 7 day mount instead then simply do the same thing but roll the days ahead 9. select the same character you were using and then click to begin playing. Check your mount in your inventory and you'll notice that the timer on it now reads all 0's. You can continue to use this mount now forever and when the 2 or 9 days have passed you can even change your clock back to normal and your mount remains perpetual. ;)

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Code - Higher Chance Of getting rare items from bosses

by ochuko14 Sep 06, 2010

Every boss has a rare item and if you desperately want to get them do this

1) Fight for up to seven to ten rounds

2) Always take out the minion first

3) Use a rank 5 spell on the boss like Minotaur, Phoenix, Anything as long as it kills the boss at the end

4) Enjoy your rare item

5) there is a 30% chance you wont get what you are looking for but keep trying youll get it

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Secret - Gathering money after subscribe is gone

by FearlessJudgement Jun 09, 2009

If your a member and your subscribe is over here what you do. If your up to the point to where you can go in Lord NightShade tower this is good because you know how to beat him already. Just go in by yourself or with 3-4 people (make sure they are 10 or over depending on if your a healer or not) beat him and you will get 30-90 money and the items you get from him just sell it and keep on doing this. I got from 300 to 964 in two battles and got his attacking treasure card of him and most of the items I got were good money to sell them. HOPE i WAS HELPFUL!

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Glitch - Invisible glitch!

by Unregistered Feb 09, 2009

Here's how to make your character invisible- you HAVE to have somebody online on your friend list. You go to the friend list and click a random person's name so that the little menu comes up. Then you press 'go to location' and when it asks you yes or no, you say yes. Then RIGHT after you click yes you have to press the trade button on the menu fast. Then you will be invisible! Your pets can't turn invisible, though.

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Code - How to finish Sunken City without even doing it.

by 4hokage4 Sep 27, 2010

First get a level 42+ thats willing to do Sunken City. Then when he or she enters Sunken City, you can finish some quests until he/she gets to the point where you kill the last boss. Teleport to him or her and kill the boss with him/her, then finish the dungeon.

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Secret - How to get crown items for free

by slimjimslam2002 Feb 21, 2012

this glitch is easy. first click on the crown item you want for 30-60 minutes. enjoy. (needs to be a crown item will work on packs) =) you can click once and hold or keep clicking

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Code - How to walk fast is

by Unregistered Jun 27, 2011

you need to go on cheat engen . come (i not good at tiping) (moving on)

then you put your speed and then you go on wizard101 then see how fast you go.


1230945GET A PET
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Secret - Death School

by Imanoid May 31, 2010

To find the Death School go to the Commons in Wizard City. Go near Unicorn Bridge and find the waterfall.
Go threw it and the Gate awaits. You can't go threw it unless you beat Wizard City so send a friend request to a high level person or friend. Once in there you can train.

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Code - How to get alot of gold fast

by taylorswift4 Sep 28, 2012

ok so you know when that guy in triton avenue gives you a quest to go to crab ally. after you pay for it you go under and once you finished all the quest(except for the one you get when your like a level 20 wizard) you battle a couple of dudes (don't matter witch ones) you get a lot of gold. i think you get like 10,000. another way is to run into the commons and ask people if they have a pagoda and sell all the stuff you get and you get like 5,000 gold for each time you do it. i have pagoda add me my name is taylor swift i'm a level 16 life wizard

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Code - How to get awsome stuff

by Spencerkm Sep 15, 2011

i will tell u how to get these 5 awesome things enjoy! =) =)

Kill prince gobble stone a lot of timesu get snow serpent pet(card snow serpent)
kill lord night shade a lot of timesu get dark spirit(card dark spirit)
Enter the code panther at home pageu get 15 day panther
Beat duling deigo on ki free gamesu will prob get blue falcon(wand that gives 90 myth dmg)
Kill genaral akkiles a lot of timesu get blue ghost
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Code - How to get more xp

by RashadAhmad19 Jan 09, 2012

first go in to a battle summon all the shields and and traps but don't hit the enemy when you heal is down to 200 then hit him with your strongest attack

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Secret - Building attacks!!!!!(For Life)

by FearlessJudgement Feb 25, 2010

Well really we all know how to attack with our cards. If your Life, now you can learn your Life blade in krotopia at lvl 24 or 25 on a quest. Also use the training points and learn the Spirit Blades and traps(At the Tree at Kroksphinx). This will power your Seraph to about 1000 or more attack if you put them all out. And you can learn the regular Life Trap card from a secret shop in Colossus Blvd in a house by Pixie the ice user. Ooooh and if you can, learn the Fient Card from Death School(70% percent balance attack card on you and your oppenent). since that will happen use a Spirit shield on your self before you do it. Causing there attack to Fault at 400 attack lost(Or 500 if you have the other one). While doing that(You'll still have a lot of pips to heal yourself while building your attack points. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Code - Cheat or Whatever You Wanna Call It :)

by fullmetal7 Jul 25, 2011

First you have to save money and stop spending i did that ok so you log out of yours you go to character select click new make a new one and put whatever next its gonna take you to the begining you click skip tutorial then you click the go home button then you put everything that is in your dorm room in your shared bank log out delete the new one you made go to your original wizard go to your shared bank take everything out and put everything into your backpack go to the wizard city bazaar and sell your things there it will pay you more. Do this as much times as you wish i did this i got to 23,000 gold coins and was able to buy both the wooded cottage and royal play house just make sure your level 15 so you can buy a house!Ok

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Code - Wizard City Free Rare Pets

by Guywhopostscheats Jul 12, 2011

Okay, so I know that some people want cool Wizard101 pets to have. Well, I have a few ways to find some cool pets.

#1. Rattlebones in Unicorn Way will give you a Myth Sprite if you face him a ton of times.

#2. General Akilles in Cyclops Lane will give you a Blue Ghost if you face him enough also.

#3. Swiftarrow in Firecat Alley will give you a Sprite ( or farie, I dont know for sure).

#4. Lord Nightshade in Triton Avenue will give you a mini version of himself and a Blue Banshee.

#5. And finally, Grubb in Sunken city will give you a Blue Cat Thug ( very hard to get cuz grubb is really hard)

Well thats all, Please comment if this helped or if you have found any other rare pets, Thanks!

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Unlockable - Boss pets and crown plants for free!

by jeremy5521 Feb 23, 2012

here ya go

myth spritekill rattlebones 5 - 10 times
pink dandilion (crowns only plant)kill random krokotopia bosses
ghoulkill grubb (sunken city final boss) 5 - 10 times
heckhoundbuy at krokosphinx for 1500 gold
blue manderbuy at krokosphinx for 1500 gold
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Code - Fast way to get money

by arien123 Jun 11, 2012

now this is what you do to get money fast first battle random things in haunted cave after 10 to 20 battles go to the bazaar and sell everything you got from your battles.so after that your money should be at least over 1000 i did 30 battles and i sold everything i got then i got about 9000 gold in wizard101 hope this helped bye.

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Secret - How to fly

by wanniarachchige Feb 06, 2012

if you want to fly in the game you first run then you jump then you hold the tab at the top then other people can see you flying but you cant see your self flying

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Glitch - Glitch: Freeze a spell

by Unregistered Dec 05, 2011

Whenever you cast a spell, it has four phases. The first one is the cast phrase, in which you draw the school symbol and strike it with your wand/staff to cast it. The second is the intro phase, which includes the spell taking place (ex the intro for a ghoul spell is that the ghoul jumps out of the grave and gives a grunt). The third is the buff phase (the animation pauses and then "repeats" the intro, for example while a tempest spell is waiting for blades and traps to activate, lightning is still flashing instead of the entire spell freezing). The last is the attack phase, when the spell does the animation for its attack (ex the phoenix breathes fire opon the target).

This cheat will work only if you do not play in fullscreen. Choose "no" on the fullscreen option to play the game as a window instead of fullscreen. A spell will freeze in place and not move until you let it if you click on the little outliner bar on it (this is only tested on Windows 7). When you click the bar and hold the mouse, the game "freezes". When you are casting a spell, at each phase will change the spell in a funny way depending on what phase of the spell you freeze it in and how long you do. Here's a chart on varing a stormzilla:

If you freeze it in the casting phase, around 1 minutes later, when you let go, the stormzilla will be there, just hanging out on the battlefield doing nothing while the intro and attack files sift into place. When the sounds are done, the stormzilla will blink out. Fun note: if you hold it long enough, if your enemy casts a spell that same round, the spell that your enemy casts can blend into your spell that you froze

If you froze it in the intro stage for about 45 seconds, when you let go the stormzilla will stomp out of turn and do its attack, then blink out after. The intro sound will then run into place.

If you froze it in the buffing stage, the entire spell animation will disappear, but the attack (if it was a stormzilla, you will still see the whirlwind of lightning whirling around the target with no zilla of any kind connected to it).

And finally, if you froze it in the attack stage, nothing will happen.

Side notes:

- If you froze any steal health attacks in the casting phase, the ghoul, vampire, wraith, scarecrow, Dr. Von's monster, etc will be attacking YOU instead of the monster, or at least the animation does. Don't worry, it's just a glitch, you didn't take any damage, your opponent did.

- If you have polymorphed... 

continue →

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Secret - Awesome trick t get gold guys

by Unregistered Feb 16, 2012

first go to haunted cave, then go to the end. go to the locked door. look for any reagents over there. then change realm and keep doing this, in the end you will get lots of gold when you sell it!!!

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Glitch - Super jump

by Unregistered Feb 01, 2011

If you want to jump higher than a usual jump just do these simple steps:

1) Go fight the Kraken(you may have to beat the quest).

2) After, you fight the Kraken (and win).

3) While dancing, jump straight up.(make sure you don't move from your spot).

4) You should jump at least TWICE as high.

5) Hope this helps.

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