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Wizard 101 Cheats :

This page contains Wizard 101 cheats list for PC version. Now we have 82 cheats in our list, which includes 40 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 15 glitches, 23 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Wizard 101 on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to get cool reagents

by awesomeperson101 Dec 12, 2011

.You need to equip a pet to do this. First go to shopping district and buy random, inexpensive things (about 10+ things). Then, go to the items in your bag and click feed to pet (it's next to the trash and equip buttons on the bottom of the screen). feed all your things, and at least one of those times you should get a reagent. I got a kelp and a seashell.

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Code - How To Make A 1 Day Or 7 Day Mount Permanent.

by Blueey Aug 05, 2011


This is my first post on Cheats Guru.

Making your temporary mount to permanent is easy. Its better so you don't have to save up your money to buy crowns just to keep your mount forever. First you buy a mount from any Zeke or in the Crown Shop. Some mounts in the Crown Shop can be bought with gold but I recommend Prospector Zeke in the Commons. Purchase your desired mount. As soon as you buy it , it should be automatically be equipped. Go into your backpack and unequip it. Then change your date. How long you want it you change the amount back. For example, you want to keep it for a year. So, change the date back a year. Then you quit the game. This should bring you back to the character selection page. Press play and equip your mount. Hover your mouse over the mount name, and you should see some numbers. Like me, if you set the time back for a year, you would see 8870:00:00. This is ok because -> Hours:Minutes:Seconds. So 8870:00:00 stands for 8870 hours. Thats around one year. So you have your mount the time you desire. When you quit and log out of the game, change the time to the original time because you won't be able to access the internet because the browser has a certificate and when you don't change the time, the certificate is outdated. This happened to me with Google Chrome so it might happen to other browsers. When you log on again, when you are in the character selection, change back the time like how you had it. Then play. Enjoy your permanent mount! :D

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Code - You'r Pet Disappears!

by jakobiscool1323 Jan 15, 2013

Go to the fire school tower in Ravenwood, then go to Dalia Falmea's desk, from there go to the fire shield behind a cauldron, run toward it. And if you have a Pet equipped it will run up the wall!!!

Look for Paul Nightfriend (LV. 11), and his (white) Dragon Sir Whiskers, I hang around the Kracken, The Bazzar, And The Harvest Lord's tower.

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Glitch - Glitch:up!

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2012

First go to ravenwood then to the fire tower next to the fire school.Go in and go to the unblocked sheild on the wall run toit and you will be on the wall above the sheild. =D

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Secret - Jumping off a waterfall

by awesomeperson101 Nov 23, 2011

Go to the shopping district and then go to the house/furniture. Go to the turtle guy with a hammer and buy or preview the wooded cottage. Go to the waterfall and you can jump off it.

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Code - The levatation cheat

by magmalord Aug 29, 2011

ever wanted to levatate your house items, now you can! this cheat has been around a while so you may know it

*you need 4-6 tatammy mats from mooshu

* about ten labled crates

*you item cant be annything you couldent move on your own

put the t-mats overlapping edgesthis cheat can be done with small objects that whan placed low you can stand on and sort of levatate!
pick up one and move it so the other one is under your objectthis cheat may cause gravaty breaks from small parts of the house like the size of your feat and make you levatate!
pick up the one under it(it should come with)this cheat is in no threat to getting you baned and with rugs and the ladder can make a xtra lvl in your house!
stack the crates in too's until high enugh and pick the mat that will move the object and put it on the cratesto undo these rupters just use the mat trick to put a boject their and it shouldent let you levatate while its their
do the first step with the crates then move the crates away and the object should fly then pick up the cratesthis is a well knowen cheat and is aproved by the wizard101 site!
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Code - Take Down A PvP Duel

by Unregistered Sep 01, 2011

You know how you sometimes go in a PvP duel and you end up with an extremely high level wizard and/or someone with loads of killer treasure cards? Well I found a cool new way to crash a PvP duel and make it a tie.

When it seems like you are going to lose the duel, instead of fleeing, discard all the current cards in your hand. If your health level is critical, cast some protection and/or healing spells if you have them, but I recommend that you only cast a shield or an healing spell if it is the last card in your hand so this way you can go through your deck as fast as possible. Repeat this discarding process until you have gone down to your last hand. If you have some treasure cards, draw them into your hand and on the next round you can discard them, because they count in your deck too. On your last hand of cards, choose one spell you can cast and discard the rest so you only have one card left in your entire hand and deck. Cast the last spell, and if it did not fizzle, on the next turn the duel will end and both players will not be counted as a winner nor a loser. However, this does not work in a duel with more than one player, only in 1 vs 1.

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Code - How to get in som areas that your not high enough level for

by Unregistered May 02, 2011

This hint is very simple.

for example we use the death school

(hidden behind rainbow bridge waterfall by the way)

stand beside the door and when somebody high leveled come along,click on them.

add them as a friend and wait for them to accept.

If they do and they are in the death school,click go to location,If they didn't accept,just wait for someone friendlier

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Secret - Get into death school

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2010

First go to the fountain on unicorn way, then go through it and you will find an death Door. Wait for a death student to come, add him as a friend, then when he goes through the door, press go to location on his friend tag

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Secret - Heal Advantage

by FearlessJudgement Jun 09, 2009

Usually when your a healer you a vulnerable to people attacking you in a p v p match right. Here a well known thing I did to give me advantage to attack while healing yourself at the same time. Be a Life student and choose death as your back up school of training points. the choices of these schools in line will give you a Heal advantage while attacking at the same time.

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Secret - Ways to get gold .

by Unregistered Jul 22, 2013
  • first way

First,don' t spend your gold too much.Then fight on battles and make sure you win all of them.Then check your back pack see all the things you earned from the battles if some of them is the same,cant be used on your kind of school,not your level or you don,t want them then, sell them on the bazaar,click the quick sell button or feed them to your pet and what ever you get back sell them.

  • second way

or if you don't want to battle you can play grub guardian or some mini games on either kifreegames.com or in wizard 101 games.

  • third way

third way is if you have any extra wizard and don't want them anymore you can put some of their items on shared bank,delete them and then go to you regular wizard and check your shared bank and move the items from the shared bank to your backpack and sell them or feed them to your pet

  • fourth way

the fourth way is completing quests

  • fifth way

sell things don 't need

  • sixth way

find reagents and sell them

  • seventh way

install gold generator

  • eighth way

buy gold

  • ninth way

use cheats

  • tenth way

craft stuff and sell

  • eleventh way

leveling up fast

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Glitch - Fast Glitch from Brittany Jade Spear

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2013

ok.so I am doing the glitch right now.To do the speed glitch,you have to close your page for a couple of minutes to change your computer time for 2 months. so I changed my clock to June 2013.I was attempting to do a code,secret,or cheat not sure which.Anyways,the cheat didn't work and I discovered this glitch. sorry for any spelling mistakes.

do not do the ... thing in wizard 101 from brittany jade spear

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Secret - Permanent Mount Cheat from Brittany Jade Spear

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2013

ok. so get any mount you desire.log out to scroll the days ahead .(do a year if you dare)log back in and ride your mount for as long as you want.(WARNING:you might be kicked from the game forever.) hope you enjoyed my "presentation!" ;D

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Secret - Saving progress in a dungeon

by Unregistered Apr 08, 2013

Before entering a dungeon the narrator tells you that if you leave a dungeon your progress will be deleted. Not completely true. That's only if you leave the dungeon alive, in other words, if you die in a dungeon the progress will remain as long as you don't quit or log out. For example, in "Sunken City" in one tower you fight 3 scarlet screamers, if you kill one and the others kill you, then when you return there will only be 2 to fight. Another example is in "The Emperor's Retreat" you have to beat bosses to open a door. If you unlock the door, yet die afterwards, when you return that door will still be open.

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Code - Hidden world you dont no about untill around lv 20

by dragonboy1711 Aug 13, 2012

you know when (if you ever read or listen to people talking to you when giving quest) you go to grizzleheim and the game tells you after or before the next time you return you'll have to be at least lv 20 (it cost crowns or membership though) its the third world but it dosent show it at first untill you get the quest that the headmaster gives you

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Glitch - How to be invisible

by hunter44 Jul 13, 2012

go to the commons port to a friend hurry and press port again and again then your invisible if you log off it will not stop until one hour

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Glitch - Floating glitch

by Unregistered May 21, 2012

when it is loading for you to go some where like ravenwood keep clicking spacebar and then when it is done loading you should be floating in the air.

note: will where off after you go somewhere or if you battle somebody.

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Code - Hunter6767676767625626265 33443

by hunter44 Jul 11, 2012

none don ask

run around the ice tree port to a friend when you stopports you to a friend
sey hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hinothing
buy a transformationany one
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Code - Two new pet loacations

by cheatdude9 Jun 09, 2011

i have seen that rattle bones in unicornway gives a myth fairy and lord nighthade gives a blue banshee i hope this helped

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Code - How to go to the death school for real!!!!!

by priscilla567 Apr 25, 2011

Ok so i'm sure you have seen the waterfall behind Rainbow Bridge. Well beyond that door is the death school, the death tree and Sunken City. Wait for someone to go near the door and try to push up against it. Add them as a friend. Before you know it you'll be able to buy more death spells and do Sunken City.

Also to get into Nightside you have to be 15+

Taylorswiftsinger Fire lvl31

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Secret - Selecting your school and Easy LVLS

by jackpot102 Feb 16, 2010

So first your school depends on you.
If you like to heal people, I suggets life. Unless your a pain giver than go with storm or fire. But if you like lots of health and 20 resist to all schools with out crown gear and arena gear, go to the ice school. Now for double hits, I would go with myth. If you like weak attacks, blades to all schools, and traps to all achools, go to the balance school. BUT if you like stealing health get death. (Some death moves do damage and heal at same time. EG Wraith does 500 damage and health you 250. AKA, you get healed half of the damage you done)

Now for easy levels, you have to be a subscriber for this. Get a grandmaster to run you through all of the dungeons in the game. (Except the Malistare dungeon) then there are some side quests you can get at lvl 1. First, go to Digmoore Station and the mayor has a quest for you. Then go to Crystal Grove in the DragonSpyre Academy. Zarek Pickmaster has a quest for you. But it takes lots of work since you have to fight 2 bosses in this one. If you do all of this you will be lvl 20-30 starting the game. I'm currently doing this with my ice and he is lvl 19 in unicorn way.

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Code - Pool glitch

by Unregistered Jul 07, 2014

This works in the Red Barn Farm. All you do in the floting rug glitch and make the rug go over the lake. When you step off the rug you can run on water. Simple as that. It may not be super cool, but at least it's real.

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Glitch - Isaac CrowWraith's Guides and Glitches - Squatrunning

by Unregistered Jun 25, 2014

Okay, just the other day, I logged off and the next day, I got back on, and I realized I was jumping when I logged off. How did I know this? Because when I started seeing my character on-screen, I saw he was squatting.

Here's how to do it!

Step 1: Jump.

Step 2: Log off before you touch the ground. (If you're fast enough, you could even be in mid-squat, which we intend to do.)

Step 3: Log back on and be that character.

Step 4: If this is not the development of another glitch, you should be able to see yourself in mid-squat and/or mid-jump.

Isaac CrowWraith, signing off for now.

Oh, and one more thing! You shouldn't use a mount, unless you wanna fly.

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Code - Train

by Unregistered Nov 06, 2013

get some really good pet snacks

either buy the mega snack pack in the crown shop buy them at the bazaar oruse that shop in zafaria and train your pet and the snacks could get 8-20 exp each for your pet

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Code - In the krokosphinx

by Unregistered Nov 06, 2013

if you have a gard use te code and next tim you log on a present will appear. click on it.

if you dont hav a card then at the krokosphinx there is aguy who sells ice salamanders an heckounds for 1500 each and by the crocodile who makes you craft

there is a portal and when it activates you go in it and you can get a krok warrior or look behind mayor pimsbury and you can get golems and cats

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