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Wizard 101 Cheats :

This page contains Wizard 101 cheats list for PC version. Now we have 82 cheats in our list, which includes 40 cheats codes, 3 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 15 glitches, 23 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Wizard 101 on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Code - expires on the end of christmas of july

by Unregistered Jul 31, 2013

do you guys enter the new code this will sure help you(if you have a pet) and here are some tips here too you'll see the effect below on codes and effect.

code 1: first go to pet pavilion then choose any game to play,play the game.Then turn off internet and then feed your pet as fast as you can.

asking how? here read this

press the food then press feed pet do this fast before the [your pet ate the snack] massage.




jinglesniggy fidgy puddiing
code 1get your pet level up fast
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Glitch - Invisibility glitch

by Unregistered Mar 13, 2013

Well, if you're looking for a cheat that makes your pet invisible too, this glitch doesn't do it. sorry.

Anyway, you'll need:

1. a Friend

2. a Floor Brazier (you can buy this from the bazaar, under the decoration section. it kind of looks like a bracket with fire on top)

3. Royal Playhouse (you can buy this at the castle store, in the shopping district. the castle is the one that costs 15000 gold)

First, get your friend to teleport to you while you're inside your Castle. (anywhere is good. as long as you're not inside the house in the castle)

Second, then trap your friend with the floor brazier. (this may take a few tries)

Third, go inside the house, and teleport to your friend. Teleport to them again.

Pick up the floor brazier (you cannot move it!)

you should be invisible.

Good luck,

Amy Ghostpants

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Glitch - Second teleporting glitch

by gorag Oct 23, 2012

Some times you go into a tunnel to some ware and teleport back three steps but only if you keep runing.

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Secret - Extra pet

by Unregistered Aug 27, 2012

My brother found this. The first boss in krokatitopa and he gives you either a myth [or a storm I don't remember] lepecaun. I'm Zachary Emeraldleaf fire Iike to hang out at crab alley and dark cave.

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Secret - Exta stuff from a Giant Gorilla in a Sun Palace

by Unregistered Jul 16, 2012

If you want to get more stuff from the Giant Gorilla follow these instructions.

  1. go to a Sun Palace(or go to a friend's Sun Palace)
  2. go to the Giant Gorilla
  3. don't press x or click on him to interact with him,instead wait until he is eating one of his bananas than press x or click on him


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Glitch - Weird Glitch

by doomsday033 Jun 11, 2012

When you go into a battle use all shields until they all completely surround you, then use the stun block shields (you can get it outside the arena) you will see half of the original shield and half of the stun block shield (it might work with other shields).

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Code - Crowns

by Unregistered Oct 14, 2014


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Secret - All wizard city pets 2012

by Spencerkm Aug 09, 2012

Here is a list of ALL the ones i know, if i forgot one please post it in a comment thanks! :)

wizard city- spirit, no card, prince alicane swift arrow, blue ghost, no card, general akillies, dark spirit and blue banshee, dark spirit gives one card dark spirit, lord nightshade, snow serpent, one card ice snake i think, prince gobble stone, myth spirit, no card, rattle bones, and blue or green i forget cat thug and greater imp, cat thug gives one card and so does greater imp cat thug and imp, grubb. That's all i know for wizard city and i have got all of these so don't complain if they don't the first time. my wizard's name is connor death gem and i am a level 43 death wizard, hope this helped! :D

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Glitch - Mid-air pet glitch

by Unregistered Feb 20, 2012

first equip a pet. then go to the fire tower. then go to the picture of dalia falmea. then run into the corner. then turn and your pet should be standing in mid-air. note: do not turn or move or your pet will come down.

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Secret - Shopping District

by tyfighter101 Nov 28, 2011

Well go to shopping district and find the castle shop, facing that shop on your RIGHT side go in to the corner keep walking and go right again and the chances are you will find mist wood, wooden chest,mushrooms,or things to collect or whatever.

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Secret - Really Cool Facts:

by Unregistered Apr 13, 2011

Did you know that if you hit 'NUM LOCK' Your wizard will automaticly walk foward. All you do is hit left and right.

If you press both mouse buttons your wizard will move. Slide it around to walk left and right.

If you ask your parents to get crowns JUST for entering areas, they will start saying no. So instead use crowns to buy membership for atleast one month!

When your in make-a-wizard, skip the test! A screen pops up, and you can select a type of YOUR choice. I reccomend death, becoming a master wizard will be easier beacause there are less moves then any other type!

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Code - Gold x10!

by kisiel345 Jan 24, 2012

Walk to Ravenwood Fire School, stand on the left side of dalia falmea and then do 2 spins. Walk to the Myth School and do the same thing around Cyrus Drake. After doing that wait 15 seconds and check your SPELLBOOK. Check the CHARACTER section and you see you have x10 gold that you had!

example- 200 gold + CHEAT = 2000 gold.

walk to ravenwood fire school.nothing yet!
stand on left side of dalia falmea and spin twice.nothing yet!
walk to ravenwood myth school.nothing yet!
stand on left side of cyrus drake and spin twice.nothing yet!
wait for 15 seconds and then check CHARACTER section (C)x10 gold!
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Glitch - Wizard101 how to levetate glitch

by secretman24 Nov 26, 2010

log in to wizard 101 then go back to your home page click on cheat engine if you dont have a cheat engine go to www.cheatengine.org then down

load the cheat engine ones down loaded go to your home page then click on the cheat engine software then press enable speed hack set it

to 5.0 speed then press aply then go back to wizard 101 on your acount and rapidly run around and jump around until you freez in the air then

you will be floating in the air then you can move dont worey if you log out and log in again you will not be floating:) by by

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Code - Wizard101 fog staff CODE!!!

by Unregistered Oct 14, 2014

This is the real code for fog staff 2014 october!!!

Limited time!

73YUG-DAVR6-4LFP2-CBMS3it should give you the fog staff :D
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Secret - Did you know there are secret places in the fire tower

by hunter455455 Jul 24, 2012

go to the fire tower jumb up fore times then go to every school go back there to the fire tower then run to the picture then tada your in a secret place

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Secret - Secret Death School

by Unregistered Aug 14, 2012

Go to the Commons and go on the Rainbow Bridge. Look on your left and there will be a waterfall. Go inside and there will be a Death School.

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Easter Egg - How to trap somewone in youre house

by pokerking2000 Jul 16, 2012

first,you need to add someone that is close to you as a friend.

after ask him to go in your house.

teleport to your house,

then wait for your friend to teleport in your house...

then place your bed or something on your friend...


(but sadly, he can teleport to another place)

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Secret - Ok here is the secret

by Unregistered Sep 19, 2011

ok this is for people who dont want to wait to have thier egg hatch

ok for this you need tape and to know the num. lock key makes you go forever 1. you need to go anywhere that has an open space 2. put tape on either the left or right key 3. press the num. lock key 4. do what ever you want while you wait for your egg to hatch.

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Unlockable - How to get a heckhound pet

by jeremy5521 Feb 21, 2012

go to the krokosphinx in krokotopia there will be a mander under a small stand. just keep looking until you find him

talk to the mander and go to the pet section.

there will be a heckhound as well as a blue mander

both cost 1500 gold

hope i helped!!1!!1!

jeremy duskblade lvl 28 storm

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Secret - Easy step to being a good Ice Student

by FearlessJudgement Jul 27, 2009

Ice Students get the best health right but they have weak attacks like life does. What you want to do is have balance as your back up school for training points. Trust me, the abilities balance inhanced my cards to the fullest of what they could do. And since balance cards give you lot more pips you still have time to hammer your opponent to oblivion making them use pixies back to back. but first build up your attack shields enough to figure out a stradegy to drive an finishing blow after the turns you have back to back. HOPE I WAS HELPFUL!

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Glitch - Have a pet disobey you

by jeremy5521 Feb 06, 2012

first, go to the room in krokotopia where there are like, five flights of stairs. then when you are about to go up the first flight of stairs, make sure your pet is at the left side of you. then walk up the first stair, and stay very close to the edge of the left side. when you do so, your pet will be at the bottom of the stairs!!! (p.s my pet was down there and it freaked some random person out!)

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Code - House ladder cheat

by magmalord Aug 29, 2011
first put two ctates next to eachother where you want your ladder to beyou can get into places like in walls and in the roof and hide from otthers!
then put one t-mat on it(make shure they are all on one side or it wont work)if you want to use the levatate cheat do the last step of that cheat but put two more crates on the top of the ladder then do it(do not take away the ladder like in the levatate cheat)
rep the frist two steps until you have it as tall as you want it!
on the side with the shortest edge of the t-mat pull the bottom crate back and all the mats should come with
then pick up the other crates with no mats on it and put the ladder where you want it!this cheat is aproved by the wizard101 website!
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Code - Wizard101

by Unregistered Apr 09, 2012
74847-19125-65912-68821gives you free crowns for wizard101
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Code - How to buy a henchmen

by Unregistered Apr 20, 2012

First fight an enemy in battle and click the crown shop all the henchmen are going to be unlocked then buy it i donot know how to summon the henchmen wenever you want to so than for reading.

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Code - Invisible Glitch

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2011

If you want to be invisible listen to this. First get something that is on fire ( not the stick the big bowl that is on fire ). Get you're friends to stand in one spot, then put the bowl on them, then teleport to one, then remove the object and you then are invisible ( don't enter a building or teleport after you are invisible or you wont be anymore ).

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