Wizard 101 Requests

 [ PC ]
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jun 30, 2011Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

i need more gold

mar 26, 2011Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

can someone create a cheat that gets you a lot of gold and a lot of crowns. or if they have one plz tell me.

mar 10, 2011Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Submitted

how do i get my pet to be adult

feb 19, 2011Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

tell me how to get crowns thats the good cheat icant buy them and i invited so many ppl but nobody will paly and i really need crowns i stuck in triton avenue plz heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp :(

jul 22, 2010Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Submitted

i need to know which place you can get a cool pet with a card with membership

may 10, 2010Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

I need to know how to use the rune stones in the dungeon in grizzleheim about the Eye of Truth. I can't get any more quests because I can't get the code. Thanks. It would really be helpful

may 08, 2010Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Submitted

I need the royal play house but to do that I need money so whats a cheat to get 1 MILLION COINS.(and crowns)

may 07, 2010Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

i need a cheat code for a crowns. can you sent me that code thorough a private message.

may 06, 2010Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

i really need a mount. please if anyone can help me get an unused mount code. then i will be really happy. please i beg of your help.

may 01, 2010Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

How to find firecat alley and cylops lane and triton avenue at the same time!

jan 05, 2010Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

I have been stuck in DS for some time now and needed to know how to get into the Labrynth. Some how I lost my way with quests and have very few left in Crystal Grove. Cant seem to find anymore than that, cant get into the Chasm Hallway, and having a hard time find the History book of DS in Plaza of conquests. If anyone can direct me that would be awesome and well appreciated. Thanks

aug 16, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

what is the crown codes and new codes

aug 12, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

where are the yardbirds at

jun 29, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

how to stop the spells fizzling

jun 23, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

How do I get PIPS (power points) so I can cast better spells?

jun 18, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

How can I get a summon? i'm in ice school and i'm lvl 10 if anyone wants to be friends my name is Ryan Silvertail and i only play in the non subscriber area scince i cant buy crowns.

jun 11, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

How can i get free crowns without subscribing , buying crowns , or waiting for ever 1 millionth player (only for 101 crowns)?

may 29, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

i like to know all of the wizard 101 pet codes..

may 06, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

a way to get a lot of pets and their locaton

mar 28, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

can some one help me I need it the code for the Amaranthine Staff!

mar 21, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

i want a Walkthrough on wizard 101 where every beetle cat and those htings that you have to find on.all the way to mooshu.

jan 30, 2009Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

how to walk troght walls

dec 24, 2008Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Unsubmitted

I need a strategy on leveling up

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