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may 08, 2010Wizard 101 [ PC ]   Submitted

I need the royal play house but to do that I need money so whats a cheat to get 1 MILLION COINS.(and crowns)

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Code - Cheat or Whatever You Wanna Call It :):

First you have to save money and stop spending i did that ok so you log out of yours you go to character select click new make a new one and put whatever next its gonna take you to the begining you click skip tutorial then you click the go home button then you put everything that is in your dorm room in your shared bank log out delete the new one you made go to your original wizard go to your shared bank take everything out and put everything into your backpack go to the wizard city bazaar and sell your things there it will pay you more. Do this as much times as you wish i did this i got to 23,000 gold coins and was able to buy both the wooded cottage and royal play house just make sure your level 15 so you can buy a house!Ok