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Wizard 101 Review :

A Money Pit?

by jennavere01 Sep 13, 2010

I have been playing Wizard 101 for about a year now.

I spent zero dollars for most of that year up until this new realm thing came out with the new pets attached to the wizards.

When the new realm came out, I think KI really really put their heart and soul into advertising- and it paid off for them!! Unfortunately, that meant long time players like me who didn't want to spend any more money than the subscription fee (because it is SO NOT a free game!!) who would hunt for gold, items needed for crafting etc.would now be out of luck in FINDING any items to pick up due to the huge surplus in players.

KI, who already is pretty strict on trading items- even between your own paid characters (there is some leniency coming into this with a trade board on it's "fan site" Wizard101central.com where you can offer up or ask for items to trade)- the characters I PAID for to play throughout the game cannot exchange certain key items that mostly equates to more money in KI's pocket than mine (such as recipes for crafting, crafting items, gold, etc- you cannot do this anywhere within the game, not even on the trading board I mentioned but I am not 100% so don't quote me). KI has even gone so far as to advertise the ability to put real money into the game (known as "crowns') as simply "Wizard gold". I just blew threw $30 worth of this "Wizard gold" and I need more if I want to continue to craft or train my pet (the other money sinkhole in Wizard 101). Why train a pet you ask? If I want to remain competitive with other players, continue to level up at the rate I once did when pets were simply pets and didn't give you health/mana, I HAVE to train a pet. And training a pet is sometimes a total loss of money as the pet doesn't help you at all, can't win in competitions against other pets...it's a terrific money-maker I will give them complete credit for that.

I love the game. I got sucked into this crafting thing shortly before the big player boom and got suckered into buying crowns in order to craft, when it came to spending even MORE money on pets, I barely batted an eyelash.

But for older players like me, this is quickly becoming a money sinkhole and such a disappointment. I can't find one VALID promotional code to save my life, they don't email me any of these codes (and yes I am signed up to receive their emails!), I buy and buy and get....nothing.

I am trying to get into a new game, I tried WoW in it's trial version but....let's just say for older players like me without a child to teach them the rules, it was humiliating!

So that's my current take on Wizard 101, which if I would have came to this site six months ago would be totally different. There where things you COULD buy, and I did, but not things I HAD to buy in order to level up in the game. At least in my impression.

This is all in my humble opinion. I have great respect for KI as they work hard to protect their younger players from getting scammed, which scarily seems to happen a lot, thus the strict trading rules, which originally I did not have a problem with, until these new changes of the added realm/added character development in terms of owning a pet/added players.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
You are a Wizard at a school of Wizardry and must battle enemies in order to save the school and it's world.
I am not sure. I think it's called 2-D battle styles in a 3-D environement. I really have no idea what this section is supposed to mean truthfully. Can you tell I am a girl??
NPC's talk with quite a rich dialologue, I think it's fantastic for younger children trying to learn to read as you could turn the sound off and on as the character is speaking. And you can make that NPC repeat themselves as much as you want!
Role Playing Fantasy MMORPG; there is PVE and PVP options. You are a new student at The Ravenwood School of Wizardry (I am not sure if that is the correct title, I am adlibbing, please forgive me). You must choose your school and then fight to save the Wizard world!
7Lasting Appeal
You can start a wizard in each of the seven schools, take a wizard apart and start from scratch and "test" yourself to see what you have learned in terms of gameplay. Good memory game in that sense! No school's quests are exactly the same, I noticed this much earlier on in my gaming experience.
(Out of 10)


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