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Zoo Tycoon Cheats :

This page contains Zoo Tycoon cheats list for PC version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 1 password, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Zoo Tycoon on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - More money

by alyssa88 Apr 14, 2009

Make a plain exhibit and enter the code, and your fences will break but you will get as much money as you want and you can never run out.

SHIFT + 4 or SHIFT + F4Unlimited money
Hold the "shift" button and the number "4" buttonUnlimited money2
SHIFT + 4more money
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Cheats - Unicorns

by Unregistered Dec 23, 2005

Name an exhibit "Xanadu". Unicorns will be available in the animals menu. Beware, though: unicorns are hard to please and take a LOT of foliage in their exhibits!

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Code - Shirt codes

by alyssa88 Apr 14, 2009

Change one of your guests to the entries below to enable the corresponding cheat function

mr. blueblue shirts
mr. blondeyellow shirts
mr. whitewhite shirts
mr. brownbrown shirts
mr. orangeorange shirts
mr. pinkpink shirts
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Password - Staff cheats

by alyssa88 Apr 14, 2009

rename a guest

Name a male maintenance worker Bob VAll broken fences repaired
Name a male maintenance worker George WAll foliage removed and get a $300 tax rebate
Name a female tour guide RosalieAll tour guide salaries are set to $0
Rename a male zookeeper Jonathan GilmourHe becomes the Ultimate Zookeeper
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Secret - Popular Tiger Exhibit

by KinaTheKitty Sep 03, 2007

White Bengal Tigers and Bengal Tigers accutually enjoy each others company. All you do is make a good size exhibit for the both species, each having a male and a female. (Note: Bengals birth two cubs and White Bengals only one.) Make sure their happy too. The only thing that separates the two, enviromental wise, is that White Bengals don't like a lot of foliage as to where the bengal like a lot. Be sure to consult the zookeeper for help by clicking the button with a picture of a zookeeper on one of the tiger profiles. Give it a little time and you should have a Five Star Rating on the exhibit. Enjoy!

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Secret - Increase max money

by alyssa88 Apr 14, 2009

Normally thye limit is $500,000 or something rather but I know a cheat that can expand that! This isn't the Shift+4 cheat so listen up:
Go into the Zoo Tycoon folder and locate the main .ini file. Open it and find "MSMaxCash=" (without quotation marks). Change the number next to it to alter the set limit. Enjoy!

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Code - The Magic of the Unicorn

by cindakid11 Mar 02, 2009

To get a unicorn you must make a cage then name it Xanadu just like that.CAUTION!!!The unicrons like a lot of foliage.

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Code - Cheats

by loplover Aug 03, 2011

Get more cash and other goodies with these cheat codes for Zoo Tycoon- PC

Copalite CornerAll dino poo will turn into rocks
Super CrocDeinosurchuse will be in the Animal Adoption Window
MicrosoftDouble Exhibit Donations
Blue FangGuest pay 2x original amount for attractions
WonderlandMore people will come to see that exhibit
Cretacous CorralTriceratops will be in the Animal Adoption Window
XanaduUnicorn will be in the Animal Adoption Window
Super CrocUnlocks a giant croc named something similar to Deinosushus( spelling)
John WheelerAll animal shelters available
AkiyamaAll scenarios completed
Dr. DolittleAnimals breed faster/more often
Alfred Hbirds scare the heck out of guests
Mr. Blue,brown,orange,pink,wh ite, and blondechanges everyones shirt to one of the colors
Eggmandino eggs hatch faster
Bill Gatesguest donate lot of money
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Hints - A zoo of madness

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2006

okay build many of exhibits full of bloodthirsty carnivores get as many as you can attract around 400 or over in population then block the gate to the entrance with a part of a cage at the entrance do one square inside and outside so it doesn't mark as a exhibit then let all the carnivores out and voila a zoo full of screaming' people.

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Hints - How to change cursor

by Unregistered Aug 18, 2006

Hold down shift ctrl and c then your cursor start to blink (do it during the game).

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Cheats - Unlimited Money

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

Edit the file zoo
located in the Zoo Tycoon Directory (Please backup this file first)
with Notepad or a similar text editor to read as follows at the bottom
of the file:[scenario]
If you have other parameters
leave them and just add anything new above.Different
AnimalsUse the following names to
rename the animals indicated(Hippo) Fat:
Two hippos Sumo
(Bear) Deer: Bear gets Free from Exhibit
(Lion) Nan: Get a baby from a male lion
(Unicorn) Larry: get size of a Dinosaur
(Dinosaur) Unicorn: One Horn
(Dodo) Doflopnok: Unlock the White Dodo
(Panda) Blackly: Unlock and turn in to a Red Panda
(Bongo) Bad: Turn in an Okapi
(Okapi) Tall: Get tall as a Giraffe
(Yeti) Bigfoot: Unlock the Bigfoot
(Yeti) Bentley: Turn in to Spyro's friend, Bentley
(Reindeer) Rulpoln: Red light nose
(Reindeer) Dancer: Dances with a female Reindeer
(Croc) Agent 9: Always happy
(Monkey) Agent9: Turn in to Spyro's friend Agent9
(Ape: Chimpanzee or Gorilla) Borneo: Unlock the Orangutan
(Ape) Kangaroo: Unlock the Wallaby
(Gorilla) Mountain: Unlock the Mountain Gorilla
(Tiger) Nope: Unlock the Magnet the Polar bear
(Tiger) Dog: Unlock all Worker Dogs and Great Dane
(Kangaroo) Shelia: Turn in to Spyro's Friend Sheila the Kangaroo
(Penguin) Sgt.Byrd: Turn in to Spyro's frend Sgt.Byrd the flying
(Sgt. Byrd) Fly: Fly out of Your Exhibit and Your Zoo

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Cheats - Zoo Tycoon Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

the money cheat is alitle wrong it's not shift-4.
It's alt gr-4 and it doesn't destroy walls in the zoo tyccon only in marine mania and dinosaur digs, it may be deferent in other countries (I'm from Norway).

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Cheats - All the Cheats!!!

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Get Warewolves: rename a guest Poodle.

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Cheats - Unlimited Money

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

First go to program files, open up microsoft games, while in there open up the zoo tycoon folder(if its in program files). Then in search open up the file called zoo.ini in note pad and erase everything on it, then save changes. Just start playing and you'll never have to make your animals happy again !

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Secret - Wild animals

by alyssa88 Apr 13, 2009

Put all the animals in the same exhibit and then let them free. They will tear down your trees trample your paths and reduce your buildings to rubble.

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Secret - Endangered animal cheat

by alyssa88 Apr 14, 2009

Build an exhibit. put one female and one male WHITE BEAGLE TIGER in the exhibit. It doesnt take long for them to breed but if it does name one of your zookepers Dr.Dolittle. then once the white beagle tigers breed you will get an award for breeding an endangered spiecies the award is $15,000!!!!!!!!

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Zoo Tycoon Cheats


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