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Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection Cheats :

This page contains Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection cheats list for PC version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 1 easter egg, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Starting money amount

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

I have lots of cheats so read on!
1)Win the Shark World scenario and unlock the photo booth
2)Win the Aquatic Show Park scenario and unlock the Show Grandstand 2
3)Win the Super Zoo scenario and unlock the Trio Statue
4)Name an exhibit Wonderland and get a bonus towards guests entering your zoo!
5)Earn the Exelent in Arctic Exhibit Construction and unlock the Iceburg!

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Cheats - More money

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Standard Awards
Best Zoo, Silver Trophy: for achieving a zoo rating of 90.
Best Zoo, Gold Trophy ($25,000): for achieving a zoo rating of
Diverse Species, Silver Plaque: for having at least 10 animal
species in your zoo.
Diverse Species, Gold Plaque ($30,000): for having at least 30
animal species in your zoo.
Excellence in Exhibit Design, Silver Plaque: for creating an exhibit
with a 90+ suitability rating.
Excellence in Exhibit Design, Gold Plaque ($15,000): for creating
an exhibit with a 99+ suitability rating.
Highest Customer Satisfaction, Blue Ribbon ($25,000): for achieving
a guest happiness rating of 95.
Highest Quality Exhibits, Silver Certificate: for creating 10
exhibits with an 80+ suitability rating.
Highest Quality Exhibits, Gold Certificate ($40,000): for creating
25 exhibits with a 95+ suitability rating.
Most Popular Zoo, Silver Certificate: for having 500 guests in
your zoo.
Most Popular Zoo, Gold Certificate ($25,000): for having 1000
guests in your zoo.
Quality Animal Care, Blue Ribbon ($5,000): for achieving an animal
happiness rating of 98 (after at least six months).
Dinosaur Digs Awards
Complete Ice Age Zoo, Gold Mammoth: for displaying all four
Ice Age animals.
Complete Jurassic Zoo, Gold Stegosaurus: for displaying all seven
Jurassic Age dinosaurs.
Excellence in Dinosaur Exhibit Design, Gold Cup: for creating
three dinosaur exhibits with a 99+ suitability rating.
Quality Dinosaur Care, Blue Ribbon ($50,000): for displaying at
least 10 dinosaurs in suitable exhibits.
Marine Mania Awards
Arctic Aquatic Care (pair of emperor penguins donated): for
placing belugas, lion's mane jellies, narwhals, and pacific walruses
into suitable (80+ rating) exhibits.
Best Dolphin Show in the Country ($10,000, dolphin statue unlocked):
for earning $20,000 in bottlenose dolphin show profits.
Best Orca Show in the Country ($5,000, orca statue unlocked):
for earning $15,000 in orca show profits.
Best Sea Lion Show in the Country (sea lion statue unlocked):
for earning $5000 in California seal lion show profits.
Best Sea Otter Show in the Country ($10,000): for earning $10,000
in southern sea otter show profits.
Best Zoo in the World ($100k, panda donated): for receiving 15
Excellence in Arctic Conservation ($25,000): for placing arctic
wolves, belugas, narwhals, pacific walruses, and polar bears into
suitable (90+ rating) exhibits.
Excellence in Savannah Exhibit Construction... 

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Cheats - Money

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

To unlock all dinosaurs name a guest Dinoman.

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Cheats - Various cheats

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Guest Names:

All animal shelters available: John Wheeler.
All scenarios completed: Akiyama
Animals breed faster and more often: Dr Dolittle
Birds scare guests: Alfred H
Change's everyone's shirt blue: Mr. Blue
Change's everyone's shirt brown: Mr. Brown.
Change's everyone's shirt orange: Mr. Orange
Change's everyone's shirt pink: Mr. Pink
Change's everyone's shirt white: Mr. White
Change's everyone's shirt yellow: Mr. Blonde
Dinosaur eggs hatch faster: Eggman
Get all Animal Shelters: Adam Levesque
Bill Gates Guest donates a lot of money
Make children guests upset: Name a male guest Boogyman
Make female guests upset: Name a male guest rpro
Make fences deteriorate: Russell
Make guests sick: Stinky
Make some guests puke: Zeta Psi
All staff research automatically: Hank Howie
Demand for hamburgers goes up: Bill Clinton
Unlock all animal houses and types: Andrew Binder
Unlock all animal toys: Lou Catanzaro
Unlock all Dinos: DINOMAN
Unlock all foliage: Charlie Peterson
Ron Propst Unlock dinosaur foliage research program.
Steve Serafino Unlock endangered animals.

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Easter Egg - Yellow Brick Road!

by Unregistered Oct 08, 2008

I came across this randomly, and I haven't seen this in hear. Thought you guys might like to know this.

If you make an exhibit containing the following 3 animals, you can unlock a yellow brick road! Just make a small exhibit, place these three animals in, and check out your roads!
African Lion
Bengal Tiger
Grizzly Bear

Beware! Once you see you have the Yellow Brick road, you can sell the animals and delete the exhibit, but watch out! Once you save and exit the game, you will not have the Yellow Brick road anymore. So, you will have to make the exhibit again, and place the lion, tiger, and bear in.

So, hope you enjoy! If it doesn't work, just drop a comment in, and I'll re-check mine. It has always worked for me. :)

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Secret - Unicorns & pre-hatched triceratops

by couchpotato30 Oct 11, 2007

Name an exhibit Xanadu for the unicorns.
Name an exhibit cretaceous corral for the triceratops.

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Secret - How to get a mermaid.

by ilovescelebi Jul 25, 2007

To get one, you have to go in the scenery place and go to where the statues are. when you are far enough in the game, there will be a mermaid statue. Make a tank, it has to be as large as the number of mermaids you want. It has to be empty. Then select the mermaid statue and place it in the tank. It will start to shake, then it will break. You now have a mermaid tank. Assign 2 marine biologists to the tank and then you're done.

P.S: mermaids don't have babies!!! Good Luck!

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Hints - Bubbles for in the tank

by Unregistered Jul 05, 2005

We you get it, put the tresure chest and/or the giant clam in a tank. Then wait a min... it will creat bubbles.

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Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection Cheats


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