Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection Review

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Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection Review :

Tycoon Indeed

by theflash Aug 12, 2010

in this game you are a zoo keeper that is supposed to keep animals happy...but of course it's easier said than done. you start by selecting a pre-made map with no cages but just landscape create your zoo with monkeys, wolfs, birds, lizards, dinosaurs, and fish but the annoying part is you need the proper habitat or they will get sick...you need to waste one thousend dollars on snack drink and bathroom stands, and worst of all...if you don't have the right fence the animals WILL escape i hate this game, but it does have it's points 3/5.

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1Story line
storyline....there is none all you do is create a cage at a birds eye view not much to it huh? yeah, thats what i thought.
considering when it was made thee graphics are amazing and the eating animation is as my friends and i say "it's beast".
the sound is one of those things that get stuck in your head but its just you want it in your head great.
as i've mentioned before, zoo keeper not much game play you just watch the animals play that is if your *** enough to put a jungle cat with a rabbit...yuo can watch 'em fight!
7Lasting Appeal
its an okay game not one you should spend more than 25 dolars one but still over all it is entertaining
(Out of 10)


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