Nintendo DS - Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Cheats

Unlockable - List

Alternate Ending

Beat the game with 100% mission cleared.

Airship Unlockables

After chapter 4, you can unlock various objects to decorate your airship with. This makes your airship look better, and adds, not to the game completion score, but to your completion score.


In order to obtain and view the Supreme Crest, complete every single side mission before starting the Final Chapter (you should be on 97%).

After completing the first two levels in the Final Chapter, you should have 100% complete.

Create a new save file and then die during the boss fight. It will ask if you want to try again. Say no.

Go back to the airship and voila, you can apply the Supreme Crest to the airship! And then you have one save file for free exploring and one right before the boss battle!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Sparse Flower BedWin 5 free battles or more
Vivid Flower BedWin 20 free battles or more
Ever-Summer Flower BedWin 100 free battles or more
Marble FountainObtain 100,000g or more
Granite FountainObtain 500,000g or more
Ald FountainObtain 1,000,000g or more
Arawashi's StatueHave a contract with 12 or more espers
Viera Goddess StatueHave a contract with 25 or more espers
Stuffed TomatoHave a contract with all espers
Copper Crest5% missions complete
Silver Crest25% missions complete
Golden Crest45% missions complete
Wings of Light Crest65% missions complete
Supreme Crest100% missions complete
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