Game Boy Advance - Pokemon FireRed Cheats

Make A Regular Poke Ball Act Like A Master Ball

make a regular poke ball act like a master ball:

okay, this is quite simple.if you dont want to use your master ball yet, just buy some poke balls. go to whatever pokemon you want to catch, for example i used this for catching arcticuno. Just click on your pokeball and hold down the a button and up at the same time.once the pokeball has landed, let the buttons go. if this doesnt work the first time, try it again. it should work in a couple tries.

My team when i won the elite four:

charizard;level 65;blast burn, flamethrower, slash, cut

raichu;level 59;shock wave,thunderbolt,quick attack, flash

pidgeot;level 59; tackle,wing attack,quick attack,fly

hypno;level 60;headbutt,hypnosis, psychic, dream eater

nidoking;level 59;horn attack, double kick, strength, fury attack

vaporeon;level 62;bite[good for your rivals alakazam],hydro pump,surf,aurora beam

this is a very good team, i just brought along two or three full restores and revives and i beat them pretty nicely and easily.

and if anybody knows how i can get rid of the guy in front of the door at the ruin valley place, please tell me. thanks, and i hope these have helped you out!


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