Game Cube - Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy Cheats

Random Codes

Enter codes at the cantina

DRX728Able to buy self destruct ( press X to self destruct)helpds keep studs when falling and you can go to a group of enemies and blow them all up.
BEN917Able to buy Ben Kenobi's Ghost (invisible due to disgise)
CL4U5HUnlocks Santa Hat and Clothes ( customizable charecter)
TYH319Unlocks Disgise #3 (white beard and glasses[ good with Santa code to finish the effect])
NBP398Unlock Disgise #2 (Rudloph nose)
HHY382Able to buy The Emporer
NXL973Able to buy IG-88
WTY721Able to buy Bib Fortuna
YWM840Able to buy Han Solo with hood
NAH118Able to buy Greedo
Well,that's what I've got for now. Maybe later ill post more.JUST KIDDING! I have more!
In my question I will try to put a picture of Santa fighting DV.Hope you like it.
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