Game Boy Advance - Pokemon FireRed Cheats

Cheat of gyms

Oh, is me powerfull squirtle. Remember the cheat of Develop a strong team I made before Registration?

I'm making It's Gym Guide.


Geodude. Use Squirtle

Onix . Use Squirtle


Staryu . Use Gloom

Starmie. Use Gloom


Voltorb. Use Graveler

Pikachu. Use Graveler

Raichu . Use Graveler


Victreebel. Use any fire pokemon since moltres isn't caught yet... or use kadabra .

Tangela. Do you think I writing again?

Vileplume.Look above.


2Koffing: kadabra

Muk and wezzing: kadabra

Use blastoise that wrecks psychc for sabarina

You know fire is not very effective against H2O

Use Pidgeot and wreck giovanni by fly and steel wing.


Well You can use any party but THE SAME MOVES. except fly for charizard. Fly If you are usin' Moltres.also havin' trouble with cut you can replace golem to tyranitar, forget Tyranitar ROCKTOMB and learn it thunder bolt, then get a grass pkmn that able to learn cut and unwrap it by cut. easy?you can replace Moltres to charizard NOW! (this must be traded, didn't I say squirtle is your starter?!)

By Powerfull Squirtle, The Lover of Squirtle.

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