Game Boy Advance - Pokemon Mystery Team: Red Rescue Team Cheats

Wonder Mail Codes All Hms

Select Wonder Mail ,For (♂),"#" is used For (♀), "%" is used For (), "." is used

1?-N -QY? FR?507?. 64NR CX?WGives The Hm Dive
F?-N -%T? FR?H07?. 64NR M1?WGives The Hm Rock Smash
1?8N -4S? FR?J77?. 64NR CY?WGives The Hm WaterFall
1?-N -3Y? FR?6.7?. 64NR 4%?WGives The Hm Fly
4?8N -%0? FR?057?. 64NR 5??WGives The Hm Surf
1?8N --.? FR??67?. 64NR M.?WGives The Hm Flash
??8N -QY? FR?N?7?. 64NR 4C?WGives The Hm Cut
1?-N -#+? FR?M67?. 64NR 5!?WGives The Hm Strength
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