WII - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hints

Super Smash Bros. Fun Facts!

This isn't a cheat or anything, but they are facts you probably might not have known before! Check them out! Nowhere else can you find this info!

-Jigglypuff and Mr. Game and Watch have, virtually, the exact same weight!

-Kirby, Ike, and Squirtle have the exact same running speed!

-Mario, ROB, Bowser, Ivysaur, and Lucas have the exact same running speed!

-Kirby's dash attack is almost like a breakdancing move, but Jigglypuff's dash attack is the exact same as Kirby in Smash Bros. 64.

-Kirby's side-special (The hammer.) in the air is a good recovery move when knocked to the side of the stage.

-ROB's Up-special surp***es Zelda's Up-special, making ROB the new best recoverer in the game.

-Every playable character in Brawl has been in at least two games. (Except for ROB, who had two models of products in the USA.)

-Every Mario Stage in the Smash Bros. Series is a hint for a new Mario game. (Think about it! SSB64: Mushroom Kingdom, the remake was on Gameboy Advance. Or SSBM: Rainbow Cruise, "Super Mario 64 DS". Meaning they might make a remake of Super Mario Sunshine on the next generation handheld.)

-Pit, Sonic, Snake, ROB, and Mr. Game and Watch can all attack still in the air after using their Recovery move!

-Lucario's special game mechanic of being stronger with a higher damage percent actually stops once he's reach 130%. Basically, you want to keep him in a 100 to 180 range before you'll be in trouble without benefits.

-The song "Luigi Circuit" isn't actually the right one. If you have actually played Mario Kart 64, it's really Wario's Stadium! Nintendo has messed up big time! (V_V)

-Fox falls slower if you continuously use his refelector in the air.

-Just like Peach's Down-Special, King Dedede occasionally (Yet rarely.) throws other things besides Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Gordos when he does his Side-Special! Such as Mr. Saturns, Capsules, Stickers (Weird yet true, seen it once happen.), and other things.

-A metal character is actually heavier than Bowser!

-Mr. Game and Watch, Toon Link, Zero Suit Samus, Sonic, and Sheik all have aerial smashes that make them fly downwards.

-The reason the Hanenbow stage doesn't have a music option is because there really isn't any music. Just the sound of an Orchestra getting ready is the only music you hear. The music is the Electroplankton bopping the leaves as you fight. You can alter the pitch as well, so basically, Hanenbow has the most sounds out of any of the stages!

-Even though the Electroplankton, Animal Crossing, and Nintendo DS stages have icons, there are no fighters with those symbols...

-Only one of each item can be on the screen at the time:

Smash Ball (A bit obvious...)

Dragoon Part A

Dragoon Part B

Dragoon Part C

An a.ssist Trophy (That would be a little too hectic in a match if there was more than one character at a time! O_O)

-The reason only 3 Pokemon can be on the screen at a time is because in Melee, pokemon ganging up on people was a little unfair. Even though its not as fun, 3 pokemon is already enough in Brawl to kill somebody!

Test my fun facts out! They are all correct! Rate! Do you have any idea how much research it takes to compile all of this?!

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