Nintendo DS - Animal Crossing: Wild World Hints

Special Visitor Secrets

K.K. Slider comes to The Roost in the museum every Saturday between 8pm & 12am. Request one of the songs below:

K.K. Technopop

K.K. Safari

Café K.K.

K.K. Love Song

Two Days Ago

Only Me

Surfin' K.K.

Rockin' K.K.

K.K. Lullaby

K.K. Mambo

K.K. March

K.K. Folk

K.K. Faire

K.K. Country

K.K. Bossa

Mr K.K.

Señor K.K.

K.K. Ragtime

K.K. Samba

K.K. Swing

Lucky K.K.

Imperial K.K.

K.K. Calypso

K.K. Cruisin'

K.K. Lament

K.K. Parade

K.K. Salsa

K.K. Steppe

K.K. Western

Aloha K.K.

I Love You

Comrade K.K.

K.K. Aria

K.K. Casbah

K.K. D & B

K.K. Fusion

K.K. Reggae

K.K. Ska

K.K. Tango

K.K. Soul

K.K. Waltz

Go K.K. Rider!

K.K. Blues

K.K. Condor

K.K. Etude

K.K. Jazz


K.K. Ballad

K.K. Chorale

K.K. Dirge

K.K. Gumbo

K.K. Rock

K.K. Song

Jingle comes between 8pm on December 24th and 1am December 25th. Change your clothes everytime you talk to him to get more items because he won’t recognize you. His items are:

Festive Paper

Jingle Bed

Jingle Carpet

Jingle Chair

Jingle Clock

Jingle Dresser

Jingle Lamp

Jingle Piano

Jingle Shelves

Jingle Shirt

Jack visits every Halloween between 6pm and 1am (on Nov 1st) but everyone is dressed like him. There is only one real Jack. Talk to him to get a spooky themed item. Walk away then find him somewhere else to get more free items. You might be able to get the whole set! His items are:

Spooky Bed

Spooky Bookcase

Spooky Carpet

Spooky Chair

Spooky Clock

Spooky Dresser

Spooky Lamp

Spooky Sofa

Spooky Table

Spooky Vanity

Gulliver comes between 6am and Midnight on random days every week and can be found on the shores of your beaches. If you talk to him and listen to his stories every week he will give you a rare item that can't be bought anywhere! So check your shores everyday once a week and he will give you a rare item. The items he'll give you are:

Arc de Triomphe

Chinese Lion

Chinese Lioness



Fishing Bear

Lady Liberty

Manekin Pis



Mermaid Statue

Metroid Moai

Statue Moai

Statue Mouth of Truth


Plate Armor

Shogi Piece

Stone Coin

Tiger Bobblehead

Tokyo Tower

Tower of Pisa

Tribal Mask

Hope I helped someone! :)

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