Nintendo DS - Animal Crossing: Wild World Hints

Chose What You Look Like At The Start Of The Game.

This allows you to pick what you want to look like at the start of the game-


Blue eyes, light brown hair

stuck uprigt:

It's calming,I'm moving,kinda

Black eyes, dark brown hair with bang(Fringe) that zig zag:

I know,Butt out,Yup!

Brown eyes, dark brown hair

stuck upright:

I know, Butt out, kinda...

Blue eyes, pink cheeks, and dark brown

hair upright: it's calming, i'm moving, yup!

Black eyes,light brown hair with bangs

that zig zag: I know, i'm moving, kinda

blue, droopy eyes, light brown hair with

bangs that zig zag: It's calming, butt out!,


Brown eyes dark brown hair that is

stuck upright:

I know,i'm moving, yup!

Blue eyes light brown hair with bangs

that zig zag: its calming,butt out,kinda...


Yeah it stinks, I'm moving, maybe =

pink hair 3 spikes brown eyes citrus gingham

Yeah it stinks, butt out maybe =

brown hair, bun, black eyes toad dress

yeah it stinks, butt out, yup =

Pink hair, bun, black eyes, daisy shirt

yeah it stinks, I'm moving, yup =

Brown hair, bun, blue eyes, bold check shirt

5 I'm fine, I'm moving, maybe =

brown hair, three spikes, blue eyes, mint gingham

I'm fine, butt out, yup =

ginger hair, 3 spikes, blue eyes, rugby shirt

I'm fine, butt out, maybe =

brown hair, 3 spikes, blue eyes half shut, yellow bolero

I'm fine, I'm moving, yup =

brown hair, bun, green eyes, turnip top

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