WII - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hints

Final Smash

Ok, so you know the glitch when you're Jigglypuff and you go into the spot when the Hyrule Bridge is coming back and then you change yourself into the Giant Jigglypuff? Well You Can Do Stuff Like That With Many Other People If You Time It At Just The Right Time.

If You're Using R.O.B, use his Final Smash just when the bridge is coming back. He Will Be Invincible And The Laser Things Will Still Be Popping Out And Can Hurt People. Sometimes If You Do It At A Different Time He Will Just Be Invincible But the Lasers won't work. If you want them to work, just use the B down attack and the laser will come back a little (Might not work sometimes). I Tried With Other People Too But Nothing Happened. I Might Just Not Be Timing it at the right time so maybe one of you can try it too.

Anyways, Thank You ^_^.

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