WII - Soulcalibur Legends Hints

Items and Weapons


1 Soul Edge Alpha—Default weapon.

2 Soul Edge Omega—Acquired after defeating Cervantes in Chapter 4.

3 Requiem—Acquired after the second Old City Cathedral quest in Chapter 5.

4 Soul Calibur - Acquired at Legendary Hero rank.


1 Kaleidoscope—Default weapon.

2 Kogarashi—Acquired at Ruby Fighter rank.

3 Valentine—Acquired after the second Zenon Mansion quest in Chapter 5.

4 Black Widow—Acquired at Garnet Paladin rank.

Astaroth Alpha

1 Kututues—Default weapon.

2 Nanbanfu—Acquired at Garnet Warrior rank.

3 Terror Moon—Acquired after the Ammon Temple quest in Chapter 5.

4 Great Maul - Acquired at Diamond Paladin rank.


1 Ice Blade—Default weapon.

2 Fire Blade—Acquired at Quartz Warrior Rank

3 Omega Sword—Acquired after the Himalayas quest in Chapter 5.

4 Hyperion—Acquired at Ruby Paladin rank.


1 Kagenui—Default weapon.

2 Kris Naga—Acquired at Diamond Warrior rank.

3 Meki Maru—Acquired after the Fu-Ma Village quest in Chapter 5.

4 Fu-Ma Kugi - Acquired at Sword Master rank.


1 Masamune—Default weapon.

2 The Ancient—Acquired at Crystal Knight rank.

3 Shishi-Oh—Aquired after Pyrenees Trail quest in Chapter 5.

4 Pandemonium - Acquired at Ultimate Master rank.


1 Rapier—Default weapon.

2 Kotetsu—Acquired at Ruby Knight rank.

3 Shinden—Acquired after Pirate Ship quest in Chapter 5.

4 Angel's Tear - Acquired at Edgemaster rank.

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