WII - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Hints

Cape Fortress Blue Knight Puzzle

The monsters are only there for you to retry the puzzle, (it turns off the flames). to get to the blue knights side, you have to read the blue knight's journal which is on the left side of the room. I think the order is the scorpion, the gargoyle, the bird, the golem, the wolf, then the plant. But you can make sure by checking the wall on the left area, (you'll need to beat the igniter to come back up though).

If you wanted an ordering call the top left: 1 middle left: 2 bottom left: 3 bottom right:4 middle right:5 top right:6

Then the order would be 3,2,5,6,1,4

their descriptions are as follows:

1: man/beast

2: bad omen

3: stinger/scissors

4: sun/water

5: sharp claws/beak

6: stone

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