WII - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Hints

How to use the Emil+Marta combo

You must have the Main element on the elemental grid as Dark and atleast one Light minor element on the grid. Also you cannot have any ally with an element which matches the minor or major elements on the grid.

Example of non working set up.


Minor= Light, Light, Fire, Fire, Water

In your party: Emil, Marta, Genis, Bullfrog

This will not work because Bullfrog will become involved in the attack and ruin the Co Op Attack.

Example of Working set up

Major element = Dark

Minor Element = Light, Light, Dark, Dark, Wind

Party: Emil, Marta, Bullfrog, Wolf

This will work because neither the bullfrog or wolf will get involved and Marta and Emil can do the special.

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