Nintendo DS - Pokemon Platinum Cheats

Giratinia Origin form

This how you get it. ( If you want to catch it bring dusk balls with you! )

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Giratitina Origin formGet to the top of Mt. Cornet, defet Mars and Jupiter. Cyrus will summon the two key legendary pokemon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Dialgia and Pulkia, the Giratinia will appear in a spooky manor, then he will disappear and the screen will turn black. This wierd looking portail will appear, you and Cynthia will go inside it. Then help the Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxie by soloving the puzzle, get to the end and you will find Cynthia. But Cyrus will also show up too, and of course he will want to battle him, defet him and he will go away. And right there, SAVE YOUR GAME! Because once you further you will face Giratinia in it Origin form. It will be on Lv. 47, witch is pretty powerful at that point of the game so make sure you pokemon are ready! Weaken it and then catch it with your ultra balls or dusk balls, witch ever balls that you brought ( I suggested that you use dusk balls because you are in a dark place ). Defet or catch Giratinia, and there you have it!
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