Nintendo DS - Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness Hints

How To Get Wonderfuls

Here are some ways to get wonderfuls:

1. Win them at festivals.

2. Every odd numbered time you get 2 the last floor of the mine, the Harvest Goddess will give you a wonderful based on your farming degree.

3. You could buy wonderfuls at Chen's Shop in the winter.

The date matters when Chen's selling wonderfuls:

Winter 1-6 = Red Wonderful for 2000 Gold

Winter 7 = Indigo Wonderful for 50000 Gold

Winter 8-13 = Yellow Wonderful for 3,000 Gold

Winter 14-19 = Blue Wonderful for 2000 Gold

Winter 20-22 = Green Wonderful for 3000 Gold

Winter 23-25 = Orange Wonderful for 5000 Gold

Winter 26 - 30 Purple Wonderful 2,000 Gold

The rank of wonderful from worst to best: Blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, indigo.

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