Nintendo DS - Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats

cool town tunes

when you want to change the town tune, go into the town hall and talk to Pelly or Phyllis and they will ask you what you want to do. select town tunes. then change the town tune!

(to change it hold down on it with th A button.)

here are some unes I thought are quite cool that I made myself!

(key:(brackets) means high notes)

G_DG_ _(E)_A_DGE(B)BAname: Running Flame
G_B_A_C_B_DGABAGname: Beautiful Life
A(E)_EAG_CBFGE(B)G_ _name:strange things
G_ _ _ _ _A_ _ _ _(B)_ _G_name: sad song
CCCDFGGGAGG_ _BG_name:kiddies song
B(G)_ _B(G)_ _GE_ _B(G)_ _name:DeeDee
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