Nintendo DS - Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends Hints

Hehe! Puppy Playtime!

Here are a few cool tricks your dogs can do with certain items.

Tug-O-War: You need a pull rpoe. Toss the blue rope into the room. If you have two dogs, they should bite one end of the rope and tug each other!

Flying Dog!: Have a pull rope out of its box. Move it around until one of your dogs bight the end of it. Don't lift your STYLUS! Make circles with your stylus and your dog should be flining around! Eventually it'll fly off!

Jump Rope: You must have two dogs and a jump rope. Take out the jump rope. One dog will bite the other end. Swing the jump rope. Your other dog(s) will jump over the rope and might jump so high that it falls on its belly!

Dancing: Dogs will dance when you're playing a record! Certain songs make your dogs do certain things such as bark, turn in circles, ect.

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