Nintendo DS - Super Mario 64 DS Hints


Once you have read my guide for luigi, try to get wario. Enter the castle as Luigi. Head straight, and go upstairs. Head in the room with the mirrors and Snowman's land. Hit the power flower, and go in the mirror. Jump in the Wario painting. Slide down, and rde the wind to the ice platform. Kill the bullies if you wish. Jump through the next platforms, onto the next peie of ice, and ride on the thing. Now jump off it into the lower platforms. Ride the wind again. Head straight , and ride the ice platforms, jumping from one to another. At the next ice place, run onto the ice lifts and just get up there. Jump in the hole, and fight chief chilly for the wario key. He is like a giant bully, so punch him off the ice three times. You got: ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!

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