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All the characters

This is a complete list of all 35 playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, including all of the 'Secret Hidden Characters', obviously some of these characters are unlocked at the start but i'll list them anyway.

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Unlockable:How to unlock:
Samus Aran/Zero Suit SamusUnlocked
Fox McCloudUnlocked
Princess Zelda/SheikUnlocked
Donkey KongUnlocked
Princess PeachUnlocked
Ice ClimbersUnlocked
GanondorfIn Classic mode, while playing on hard, you’ll need to clear all stages with either Link or Zelda, or you’ll need to play 200 Vs. matches.
MarthPlay 10 brawls, finish “Classic Mode” on any difficulty setting in SSBB, or get Marth to join you on the Subspace Emissary. After completing the first or second task you’ll need to defeat Marth in a brawl before he becomes playable.
Captain FalconBeat
NessPlay 5 matches in Brawl, reflect 10 projectiles, or get Ness to join your group in the Subspace Emissary. After completing one of the first two tasks you’ll need to defeat Ness in a Brawl match before he is available to play.
JigglypuffComplete the Classic mode with ANY character except for Ike, complete event match #20, or play 350. Vs. matches.
Mr. Game & WatchBeat Classic Mode with EVERY Character, or play 250 Vs. matches.
Falco LombardiBeat the 100 man brawl, or play 50 Vs. matches.
Meta KnightUnlocked
Solid SnakePlay 15 matches on Shadow Moses Island, or play 130 Vs. matches.
Pokemon Trainer - (Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard)Unlocked
Diddy KongUnlocked
Sonic the HedgehogCompleting 300 Vs. matches, or completing the Subspace Emissary.
King DededeUnlocked
Pikmin & OlimarUnlocked
LucarioPlay through Subspace Emissary with Meta Knight, complete 5 target tests with ANY character, or play 100 Vs. matches.
R.O.B.Complete 160 Vs. Matches.
Toon LinkComplete Classic Mode as Link, or play 400 Vs. matches.
Wolf O’DonnellOn the stage “Iseki” (The Ruins), skip past the first door you pass when you are lowering into the pit. Instead, enter the second door at the bottom, or complete 450 Vs. matches.
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