Game Boy Advance - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Cheats

mission's to get a precious items..

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* For the male sign (♂), "#" is used instead.

* For the female sign (♀), "%" is used instead.

* For the ellipsis (…), "." is used instead.

F?89 ?MS? 4R61 05?S 6??R K7?Wfriend bow
F?-9 HCS? ?86+ 7S?% 6?NR J7?Wmime jr. fig
F?89 N3Y? ?P6! 6F?4 6?NR J7?Wweavile fig
F?-9 +5.? 4P6# ST?T 6?6R Q7?Wkey
F?89 JWF? ?P63 ?.?5 6?6R Q7?Wmusic box
F?-9 #JY? ?86F 1N?S 6?6R 37?Wrock part
F?-9 8%S? 4P6+ TQ?R 6?6R %7?Wice part
F?89 -1T? ?86S 7S?4 6?6R 37?Wsteel part
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