Game Boy Advance - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Cheats

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* For the male sign (♂), "#" is used instead.

* For the female sign (♀), "%" is used instead.

* For the ellipsis (…), "." is used instead.

F?89 RWX? ?P6# 2??N 6?6R !7?Wleaf stone
F?-9 K%+? 4868 NT?3 6?6R K7?Wsun stone
F?89 1QY? 486M 22?7 6?6R 17?Wmoon stone
F?-9 HH+? 4R68 FF?+ 6?6R 17?Wfire stone
F?89 CH.? ?864 JP?0 6?6R 27?Wwater stone
F?89 NJ.? 4R6S 2+?6 6?6R -7?Wthunder stone
F?-9 8-F? ?961 --?7 6?6R -7?Wdeepseascale
F?89 R#X? 496+ S-?7 6?6R K7?Wdeepseatooth
F?-9 N10? 4P6H Y%?C 6?6R J7?Wkings rock
F?-9 WK+? 4P61 4N?Q 6?6R !7?Wdragon scale
F?-9 H-+? 4P64 ?%?K 6?6R 27?Wmetal coat
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