Game Boy Advance - Mother 3 Hints

2 Cheats in one: Hard Mode and All PSI

You think that once you beat Mother 3 there's nothing left to do right? Wrong! For those of you who like replaying games these two cheats might interest you:

All PSI Techniques to begin with in the game:

Play through one file of Mother 3 and learn EVERY PSI move there is This will require a lot of leveling up so take your time Once you know every move beat the game and then copy it to file 2 in the main menu Start a new game in File 2 and when you get to play as Princess Kumatora you'll realize she has all of her PSI moves from the start! This also applies to Lucas but you don't get to use them until you unlock your PSI powers all over again This makes the game a tiny bit easier for you and it's helpful for this next cheat

Hard Mode:

When you first go to the Sanctuary in Chapter 1 name yourself (as in the Player not Flint or Lucas) "HARD MODE" Surprisingly enough the game is set on Hard Mode All enemies will attack harder and have more HP as well as a couple other things I shouldn't spoil Great fun if you want a REAL challenge in the game! Can you beat Porky and his army of Pigmasks this time around?


Betcha didn't know that did you? Well they're legit so get ready for some real MOTHER fun when you can find the time to use these!

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