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Mounth contest points

How we will comput points for mounth contest since april 2009

First column of table is type of submit, second column is points for current type of submit from first column according.

First number of second columns is count of points that you will earn if the game no have more 5 items of that type. Else we will earn count of points equal second number.

For example, Stormrise [x360] game have 1 cheat (1 less then 5) if you will submit cheat for this game you earns 3 points. Pokemon Platinum [nds] game have 40 hints (40 more then 5), if you will submit hint for this game you earn 1 point for this hint.

type of submitpoints
cheats (code, unlockable, password)3 - 1
hint (secret, glitch, easter eggs)3 - 1
walkthriough3 - 2
file (trainer, save, editor)3 - 2
new game1
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