Nintendo DS - Pokemon Platinum Cheats

Battleground Cheat

Once you have the national pokedex and you get to the Survival Area you need to go to Stark Mountain and team up with Buck and stop team galactic,then after that when you get back to the Survival Area you will be able to get into the Battleground.There you can battle Gym Leaders and Rivals that you've teamed up with.Once you've faced one set of them save the game then go to the main menu of the DS and change the clock settings to 23:59 then save that change and turn the power off,then get back to the game and stay outside of the Battleground and wait until your Poketch clock sais 00:00 then go back in and you can Battle more trainers without waiting a whole day.This is an easy way to level up you're pokemon.

Easy Leveling upManipulate the DS clock so that you can keep battling trainers over and over
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