Playstation 2 - Kingdom Hearts 2 Hints

Drive upgrade places

These are the four places for upgrading the drive forms.

Valor Form: go to the world the never was and go to Twilights View save point. then from there go to Naughts Skyway and fight all of the enemies from there to the Altar of Naught and might get 1-2 levels doing this.

Wisdom Form: Go to the Alley to Between in the World that never was then got to the fragment crossing and go all the way to Memories Skyscrapper and you will get 1-2 levels there as well.

Master Form: Go to The Land of Dragons and go to the antechamber near the emperors throne room and fight the guys there and go all the way to the door to the city and you might get 100-200 points from all the guys.

Final Form: Do the same thing as Valor form.

If you ever need to get your drive back you can go to Olypus Collussium and refill in the Cerberus Cup Tourny. just start the tourniment adn quit when it starts.

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