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Raine Invincibility

In Battle, the main thing you want to do is protect your magicians Right

SO Equip Raine With These Items

(Devil Arm wpn from Abysson make her attacks from 200 attacks to 1350-2600)

Armor: Spirit Robe

Guards: Every Element

(Get It After Defeating Maxwell)

Head Ass.: Element Circlet

Guard: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth

(Actually you can get 2 of these from Seles before Zelos dies and after when You Go in a single match in advanced class)

Hint: Prefer Kratos Or Sheena to fight her

Hand Ass: Penguin gloves

Guard: Ice

(From the old man in the jewel shop at Flanior)

Ass. 1: Reflect Rings

Guard: Every Element

(You Can Get it from Origin)

Hint: You can also get more relfect rings and force rings in the UnderWorld Book at Sybak But It will only appear in there after you talk to the elf in Heimdall when its destroyed then will it appear.

Ass. 2: Persian Boots

Guard: Every Element and Reduces Physical Damage

(Its from when you complete the UnderWorld Book but you don't have to brun the flame if you want to go back in there and get more force rings and get rune bottles to change it to reflect rings or keep them the same.)

You Will See This On Status Of Her

Water:Absorb Lightning:Resist

Wind:Absorb Earth:Absorb

Fire:Absorb Ice:Abosrb

Light:Resist Darkness:Resist

Absorb: "It Heals You"

Resist: "Does No damage to you"

It would be really helpful in boss battles espicially abyssion, Mithos, and the expedition match

If you want to reply go ahead Hope I was helpful

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