Game Boy Advance - Pokemon Emerald Hints

Mass Clone items without cloning pokemon

Go to the battle tower in the battle frotier, log onto pc and select "Move Items", give any number of pokemon any item you want ti clone, master balls, Nuggets, Rare candies, TMs, etc( The pokemon can be in any box, you could have all boxes with 30 pokemon and give each pokemon an item, i've cloned over 200 rare candies at one time) . Then log of the computer and save your game. Now log back onto the computer on go back to Move Items, take back all the items you gave your pokemon, log off computer, and now talk to the girl on the counter to the left of the computer, be sure you have two eligible pokemon to enter the challenge. When she ask if you would like to save your game say yes, then turn off the power or reset and go back to play. It will say that the previous save ddata was corrupted and will load to the last save point, now you should start infront of the lady at the counter.Check your bag and you will see all the items you gave you epokemon in the pc, now check the pc and all the pokemon are holding the item as well. The best part is that you can then migrate or tade those pokemon to platinum, pearl, and diamond with limitless master balls, rare candies, tms, berries, etc.

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