Nintendo DS - The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Hints

Hidden Rupoor Area

To find the hidden rupoor area, go to Isle of the Dead. When u dock there, head to the eastern cave at the start. Once entered go to the path to the left and look at the wall that u can see the surface of and not in front of the Explorers Compass books. Bomb this wall about midway and enter the cave that appears. Once inside u should be in a area with a maze with "walls" made of rupoor, either 10 or 30. Along with the rupoor maze is some bats which should be taken out with a ranged weapon and not ur sword to avoid the rupoor. After the maze is complete u should be in a room with rupees, pots, and chests. In the chests are 2 ship parts, 1 treasure map, and 1 courage gem. After u claim these prizes u will find a path to the left which will take u to the entrance of the room.

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