WII - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats

How to unlock characters

In the game there are many characters and here is how to get some of them but took link jigglypuff and wolf you can only get once you've completed the game note: doesn't have to be

a 100% just as long as you've defeated tabuu the big blue guy

most of them you can get just by completing subspace or do somewhat brawl matches.

sonic you can also get by leaving a brawl match on overnight

by the way hope it helps i'm oliedude and I don't no if anyone has sumbitted this cheat

sonicwhen you beat tabuu and he will come along and join your team
toon linkgo back to the jungle and go in the first door you see
jigglypuffgo back to the swamp and go to the water then in the red door
wolfgo back to the ruins and complete it you can be any character
ness5 brawl matches or make him join you in subspace emisary
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