WII - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hints

Several Fun Facts

*In Corneria the Great Fox shooter can be destroyed by constantly attacking it.

*(Obviously)Stickers and CDs picked up by a computer-controlled player will not be added to your collection.

*Every once in a while Pit will mumble "I'm done for..." as his death cry.

*When riding on the Wario Bike (Warios side special move) you can perform taunts and wheelies.

*(Pointless Actually...)This is something I can't understand. Squirtle can drown. o_o It's a water type!!! Well, you know SSBB.

*Jigglypuff is the only character with an up-B that cannot be used as a recovery.

*In Multi-Man Mrawl, the alloys' attacks are taken from (Red) Captain Falcon, (Yellow) Mario, (Green) Kirby, and (Blue) Zelda.

*Charizard is the only pokemon on the team of the Pokemon Trainer that does not say its own name.

*When Jigglypuff uses Rest in mid-air, then lands, its eyes will open back up for a moment as it hits the ground, then close instantaneously.

*Kirby, King Dedede, and Wario are the only ones who can eat items using their Inhale and Chomp special moves. (Press 1=Wii Remote-B=Gamecube Controller)

*When Jigglypuffs shield breaks, it is sent flying off the screen.

*When you attack King Bulblin on the Bridge of Eldin stage, he momentarily reels back in pain and will be unable to harm players.

*If Snake is KOd while doing his special taunt on Shadow Moses Island, the person he was communicating with will call out his name in a panic.


*In the Flat Zone 2 and Hanenbow stages, all characters are two dimensional.

*Sometime the head pops off of the "Normal" Hammer and could be used to throw at your opponents.

*You can catch the peanuts that Diddy Kong fires with his Peanut Popgun.

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