Nintendo DS - Pokemon Platinum Hints

Fun Facts

Here some Pokemon Fun Facts!

*Nobody in the Elite 4 *Even Cynthia* had an Ice Type Pokemon in their team.

*Spell Ekans and Arbok backwards. They spell Snake and Cobra.

*Rhydon can learn Surf

*ArticUNO, ZapDOS MolTRES, 1, 2, 3 in Spanish.

*In Pokemon Red and Blue, Lickitung couldn't learn Lick.

*Girafarig and Bibarel are the only Normal Type Pokemon to not have a second type that is flying.

*Dark/Ghost Pokemon do not have a weakness.

*Karate Chop and Gust used to be Normal Type Moves in the R/B/Y days.

*Dialga is the only Dragon Type Pokemon not weak to Dragon Type Moves.

*Deoxys is the DNA Pokemon. The DNA can stand for Deoxys's forms, Defense, Normal, and Attack.

*Ghost type moves weren't effective on Pyschic types in R/B/Y

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