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How to put Background Image in profile

Hallo everyone! Today i'll tell you how to put a background picture in your profile like here.

I have taken for this purpose a Modern Warfare 2 picture, because i like this game.

But, the first, about you nesseary to know, is that we will make is a small "Hack", this is NOT CG feature and NOT supported by moderators.

One more thing:

Images will be stored on indirect servers. If the image is remote, in your profile its will be remote too.

Let's start!

We need to find some cool picture in world wide web. I used for this purpose Google Image Search. Put in the search field "Modern Warfare 2" and press "Search images".

Choose any picture and click them. I have chosen the green inscription with black background and have clicked on the picture. Then click "See full size image", you will see i your browser a full image.

The direct path to a picture is necessary to us. You can find them in browser address bar. For my picture this address looks like http://playstationlifestyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/modern-warfare-2-logo.jpg.

Ok, we have a direct path to our image. Now it is necessary to reduce the link, because CG parser will clear our link, if we will put it just like that.

I use for this Bit.ly service. Go to Bit.ly main page and put our direct image path (http://playstationlifestyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/modern-warfare-2-logo.jpg) to field below "Enter your long link or file here:" and press "Shorten". You will get a shot link. I had http://bit.ly/6GiY6m.

Finnaly put a short link in this style text:


.roundbody { background-image : url( 'http://bit.ly/6GiY6m' ); }


That's all. Contact me, if you have any questions!

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