Nintendo DS - Pokemon Platinum Hints

Fun Facts 7

*Spell Muk backwards...wait do that and change the k to a c...!!!

*Shuckle has the highest base Defense and Special Defense

*Dialga has a catch rate of 30. That's the same as Chatot's catch rate of 30!

I'm going to base the rest on the legendary Golems. (Regi's)

*Registeel's sprite in Diamond and Pearl kind of resembles the Nazi's greeting to each other. (You'll notice its arm is kind of stretched out.) I was kind of surprised since I recently learned how to greet each other. They would usually raise up their hand and say "Hail." This is somewhat like what the ancient Romans did. *Hooray for Social Studies!!!*

*Regice has the second highest base Special Defense.

*Regirock's foot print looks like a Scarab Beetle.

*However, Regirock's footprint is flat rectangles in the Anime.

*Regirck is tied with Steelix with the second highest base Defense.

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