WII - Kid Icarus Hints

Pit's Origin

Some of you might know this Greek Myth.

It is basically about a man named Daedalus. A king named King Minos, put him in something that he couldn't escape except by flying. (Possibly a high tower) Well, his son Icarus was with him. Daedalus made a pair of wings for himself and Icarus. He told his son not to fly to close to the sun or the adhesive in the wings will melt and fall apart. Then, they both took into the air. Unfortunately, Icarus did fly close to the sun. His wings fell off and he fell into the sea.

When you look at Pit, he has wings. The name of the game, Kid Icarus could also refer to the son in this Greek Myth. Also, Pit has some kind of Toga. This is what Romans wore in the ancient times. Rome does believe in things like the Greek Gods and did some things like the Greeks, but I won't go into that right now.

I hoped you liked this cheat!

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