Nintendo DS - Pokemon Platinum Hints

Wild Pokemon Item Tips

Are you trying to get a Pokemon that hold a certain item

Maybe a Lucky Egg or a Dragon Fang

Well, some Pokemon have great abilities that help them look for Wild Pokemon Hold Item.

Ability ~ Frisk

The Pokemon with this ability allows them to see their opponent's hold item upon entering battles.

Stantler, Banette, and Shuppet may have this ability on them.

This ability will save you some Pokeballs and you know which Pokemon you should catch.

Ability ~ Compoundeyes

First of all, it raises your Pokemon's Accuracy by 30% in battle.

Outside of Battle ~ It increases the chance of finding a Wild Pokmon holding an item by 50%. The Pokemon with this ability should be in front of the party for the ability to take affect.

Butterfree, Nincada, Venonat, and Yanma are the Pokemon that may have this ability.

~ Thanks to Bulbapedia for Ability Information ~

~ Good Strategy ~

Make sure that you have two Pokemon and that one knows Frisk and the other knows Compoundeyes. Make the Pokemon with Compoundeyes faint and put it in front of the team. *The ability will still take effect!* By doing this, you have a 50% chance of getting a Wild Pokemon with an item, but also, you'll send out the Pokemon with Frisk first in battle so you can easily tell what Wild Pokemon have items! You don't have to waste any time catching every Pokemon you meet just for an item now!

~ Bramblefang ~

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