WII - Wii Sports Resort Cheats

Unlockable: Island Flyover i Symbol Features

While you are playing island flyover you have to collect a certain amount of i points to unlock everything.

You can now pop balloons! (Adds balloons to shoot with your gun)Get 10 i symbols
You can now fly in the evening!Get 20 i symbols
You can now use the double blaster!(When shooting 2 bullets will come out)Get 30 i symbols
You can now fly at night!Get 40 i symbols
The islands are now lit up at night! (By fireworks)Get 50 i symbols
You can now fly a two-seater plane!Get 60 i symbols
The Whale Shark has a new design! (Your Mii will be pictured on the side)Get 70 i symbols
A vacation house has been built for you! (Look on the private island for an 81st point of interest!)Get 80 i symbols
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