WII - Wii Sports Resort Hints

Secret Food Targets (Archery)

In archery, BEGINNER there are foods in each stage.

Stage 1: Orange- near or behind waterfall

Stage 2: Watermelon- to your left on a ledge near the bushes. need to go right round.

Stage 3: Japanese food thing- Directly behind left stand holding target up. barely visible. need to zoom right in.

Final Stage: Cupcake- Far right, below bridge. its pink/white.

If you hit any of these targets then you recieve 10 points! Just lika an extra bullseye, but i think you recieve a stamp for hitting one, not sure. I'm not sure what the japanese food is. but i would luv 2 kno lol. Hope this helps and PLEASE give me a Thumbs Up!


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