Nintendo DS - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky Cheats

Wondermail codes to get the evee evolutions

Here are some wondermail codes that get u all the eevee evolutions the only code i couldnt get is umbreon

eeveeQ42%7 #J+=#NF %5+56 00C91 Y4QN15- =%%PN
vaporeon@16F2 85NP&1Y F#-T% 6M940 CP87#0R TK3Q1
jolteon4=56& 08-4@T1 5&3%P &@PM# 32WR4P& FJCC2
flareonHJ3HM Q+@Q9#3 37X4T 7&MQJ M@T&JSM -00=N
espeon%TF4T CKF146C 69M%H 0S1PW JK17MNP &PY6%
leafeon9C8F6 M22+-#T 605N0 &NP9P &&+P&=5 49&0N
glaceonRN#-6 2T@=6PW 0@TJ 6M7YJ4 C5P6F&1 5SS@P
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