Game Cube - Tales of Symphonia Hints

Customize your game window!

This is one of the most amusing things in the game (in my opinion). If you've won the game multiple times like me, then a change in the game window is really nice. (plus the default one kinda sucks after a while)...

So, here are my favorite ones!

1. I like to call this one My Favorite Screen #1

Window: C

Window Background: F

Menu BG Top:

R: 0

G: 48

B: 16

A: 255

Menu BG Bottom

R: 29

G: 32

B: 128

A: 224

Menu Cursor Line

R: 112

G: 144

B: 24

A: 128

Menu Window

R: 0

G: 8

B: 64

A: 255

System Window

R: 24

G: 72

B: 72

A: 232

Main Window

R: 0

G: 0

B: 112

A: 232

Enemy Window

R: 112

G: 56

B: 56

A: 232

This concludes my first window example. I plan to add more later! My next ones are better!

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