Nintendo DS - Pokemon Platinum Cheats

Action Replay Event Celebi

This is another Event Pokemon in my list of ones to do that I want...It is an action replay code and it would help you out to use the media manager cut and paste since it is a bit long. As with all of my code pokemon, I am looking for legal and trade-able. This is my personal protest to Nintendo for non-events to the older games. I missed out, so now you don't have to. This is a 10th Anniversary Celebi. It is at level 70, and knows the moves: Ancient Power, Future sight, Baton Pass and Perish Song. These are not great moves, nor is it holding anything; however it is tradeable and move tutor can teach them moves. This is also one of those pokemon that you will get that once you activate the code put it in a box and it will come out correct. (one of my first codes, so stats are a little messed up)

94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E00000B4 000000EC 27AB9361 DB6A0000 9AEAE1CF 4F1516FA 1B4E5456 459B8F99 35CB849D 7A316060 D1A2F809 FD52C11D BAFFDDC3 8FF397A6 CFB4B45E B63D09A0 610437CA F436F76D CCBDBDD4 29C81F4B 65F8FCED E53FD185 0C003CAE 3309ECE0 54FD3CA8 00DF5356 0B53BF98 686BE06A 1E2EA694 DE36E82C ACDE32E6 1CBC67F1 3D847D23 C5E6BB32 F348FDFA F084D684 2AE8C8FB 94A4D51E 62B1FF0C A4895463 D73AA9D7 B2924507 C8EE43F6 C60290A3 4967114C 3C8CC597 64418481 658E41C8 3A68548A 7A14B501 B2289D79 A890FAF6 8C04B423 27CA9185 F0C59003 85142F3F CCD5EF5E A1C23E27 8CCC99A7 13D93EB9 0F4B6423 00000000 D2000000 00000000Press L+R to activate-Make double sure to have a deletable pokemon in your first party slot. Oh and no comments on the sucky moves please....
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